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WAMP Server Icon is Orange

Hey folks, today I’m going to share with you how I got my Apache server back online. Let’s begin…

First think I notice that my Apache server was offline because the WAMP icon was set to orange which usually means that I have an application like IIS, or Skye that’s running on port 80. 119 more words


The Life and Times of a River Rat

“River rat” can mean only one of two things in regards to San Antonio’s historic river walk. The first is the most literal version, which is an actual rodent that resides in the restaurants that line the river, living off of whatever drunk tourists carelessly leave behind. 1,220 more words

Can you spot the irony?

“The Xinhua report quoted Li Guojie, a top computing researcher in the country, as saying the new servers would ensure that the security around China’s military, financial and energy sectors would no longer be in foreign control. 60 more words

ECM2 network player - Review

http://goo.gl/gUV9iz Read Here

“The ECM2 views each type of data source—internal drive, external drives, network-connected drive, USB drives/sticks—as a discrete library. Any drive built into the deck gets automatically formatted and added to the list of network libraries. 16 more words


Thermal Servers without Base

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Produc features :

Height: 28.5″
Width: 7.5″ 13 more words

EliteKast Servers Survey

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The survey will be for general choice and how long people will be online! 16 more words


Protecting Trade Secrets in the Cloud

The business community’s growing use of cloud-based computing services provides great benefits due to cost-savings and mobile information access.  However, business leaders should understand the risks of storing valuable trade secrets in the cloud.  1,149 more words

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