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Shut Up About Your 10% Tip

I’ve been working in “the industry” for a few years now and I don’t call myself an expert or any sort of connoisseur but I often make observations that just don’t sit well with me. 283 more words


IBM Goes Open Source to Give Old-School Server Chips New Life

Computing and services giant IBM did something very unlike IBM today. It has decided to open up its Power chip architecture to outside developers to improve upon it. 567 more words



So, I worked as a waitress, now called server,  summers in college, weekends and holidays when teaching, and full-time in grad school.

“This isn’t My Table, but I’ll See What I Can Do.” is the name of the yet-to-be-written book about my server experience. 309 more words

A Tip for Women in the Workplace

It seems that these days I wake up, slap on my makeup, and then go about my daily adventure of fighting for my place in the world. 845 more words




“This self-assured sound is underpinned very effectively by bass that is full, deep and detailed but never detached from the performance as a whole.”


SERVERS HACKED: ISU Information Vulnerable

Thousands of former Iowa State University students’ Social Security numbers were on servers breached by hackers.

Iowa State University says there is no evidence the data files containing the confidential information were accessed but it is still warning nearly 30,000 former students to be vigilant about their identity protection. 145 more words


6 Reasons Why Former Waiters Make The Best Employees

1. We thrive under pressure.

We are used to keeping our cool under chaotic conditions. When stress and emotions run high you can count on servers to power through with the kind of fierce determination that is only born from serving unexpected parties of 30. 462 more words