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Service Cat and Therapy Cat: Not da Same

OMC Meez got so many nice comments and lots of new followews. Fank you Sammy fur sendin’ evewpawdy meez way. :)  

Anyways, you’s all wanna heaw ’bout  what meez and  sis Lexi  du fur mommy and how we’s lewned.   414 more words

Meez Meows

Office pranks

I really have enjoyed my last 3 years at Humana. I’ve met some incredible people along the way. I like to play jokes on a lot of them when I get the opportunity to do so. 538 more words


Service Dog

Service Dogs are strictly considered work animals. Service animals are not to be considered pets in public and are trained this way. Public should not treat service dogs as pets.

Service Animals

Pet or Service Animal

Did you that a service animal is not a pet?  Landlords and homeowners’ associations cannot deny occupancy to someone with a service animal even if the owner or homeowners’ association has a… 158 more words

Did You Know...

Your dog will poop in my store!

Today after I got home from the Greyhound station I decided to walk and get a Mountain Dew. It’s getting nice outside so I decided to GPS and use my maps and trying to figure out if I can get to a store near my place. 168 more words


robin's communication. Do you wad or fold?

Yesterday I had someone Facebook me asking me to explain more about the communication Robin and I have. When we’re at home Robin is pretty much a normal dog. 1,326 more words


A bit about dating depression and life

Yesterday was the NCAA men’s finals I did not catch any of it. This struck me as a little weird because I’m a huge sports fan and I don’t think I’ve ever missed an NCAA finals game before. 1,383 more words