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Where does your dog go does she go in the trunk?

That question is how I started my day. Seriously! yellow Cab here contracts with our para transit system to take people with disabilities door to door. 815 more words



I have also set up a GoFundMe account for Fred if anyone is interested.


Service Animal

Late Night Thoughts

I’ve got to say, as I lay here in bed cuddled with my Deputy, I realize how scared I am about this growth. If it’s cancer I don’t know how I’ll handle it. 30 more words

Service Animal

Stress Pup

Because architecture is one of the hardest majors at our school, my architecture friend and I brought Fred up to help out the over-stressed students.  Here’s a picture of his first day up there with my friend Caitlyn :)

Service Animal

My baby is sick.

I don’t usually ask these things but my service dog Fred is sick. He has a growth that looks like it might be a tumor. I love him so much, he has saved me so many times, and now it’s time to save him. 56 more words

Service Animal

Robin doesn't like to poop without me.

So I’ve made a discovery since I bought my house that after six years my dog does not like to go outside without me. I’ll use this morning as an example I let her out twice once at 6 AM while eating my breakfast, and another before I fed her at seven after my shower. 77 more words

Guide Dog

Wearable Tech Has Gone to the Dogs

The FIDO (Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations) Vest is a wearable vest for Service Dogs headed up by Dr. Melody Jackson… 101 more words