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Unlike Mississippi State I know my place king of the threes

Earlier today I was discussing how Mississippi State isn’t a 4. They’re more like a 16 to me. Yes they’ve won some big games, but Kentucky hung in with them, and let’s face it Kentucky is improved, but they’re no Georgia or Alabama. 1,568 more words


An open letter to the CEO at Best Buy.

When I was a kid besides going to a toy store my favorite trip was when we drove 45 minutes to a Best Buy in Fort Wayne. 1,282 more words


Emotional Support Animals- Fact or Fraud?

Despite not growing up with any due to my father’s allergies, I love animals; I have a wonderful bunny named Snickers whom I love dearly. 1,019 more words

Mental Illness

Starting over can be tough

Honestly forlike the last month I haven’t really been myself. I get up go to work come home fall asleep repeat. I’ve been going to a therapist the last few weeks to try to MoveOn. 709 more words


Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Madelyn Rubin. I have a friend from high school who, like me, has reinvented herself after retirement from decades in corporate America.  She is now a photographer and I love what I have seen of her work. 336 more words


Misuse of Service Dog Privileges Hurts the Disabled and Responsible Dog Owners

By Sarah Sprouse, Legislative Analyst, AKC Government Relations

Would you lie to get a handicapped parking placard? Would you fake an injury that required the use of a wheelchair to obtain special services? 585 more words

Government Relations