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May I Introduce You To My 4th Son.

Stannis ( named after the character from Game of Thrones) Linus (middle name taken from my 3rd son-also a dog) has just joined the family.  It appears that this dog will be going to obedience school with Luke, my autistic son, and his father.   45 more words


"Disability" and "Handicap" are not the same, and it matters

Many lawyers and governmental entities believe that anyone who is “disabled” for purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  must also be handicapped for purposes of the Fair Housing Act (FHA). 551 more words

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"Main Line Deputy Dog offers hope for local disabled"

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This August

19, 2014 MainLine article talks about Main Line Deputy Dog where owners can learn to train their own service dog to meet their individual physical or mental health needs. 13 more words

Mental Health

VictoryBrow™ & Medical Quirks

For the past six months, I’ve been monkeying around with ophthalmologists and optometrists trying to find the correct diagnosis (and prescription) for my eyeballs. In fact, I had to see four of them before the final one understood how light and migraines affect eyesight and treated me accordingly. 748 more words


Unconventional wisdom concerning pet deposits under the Fair Housing Act.

One common bit of conventional wisdom under the FHA is that apartments and other housing providers cannot require a pet deposit for an assistance animal or service animal. 882 more words

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