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Alzheimer's More Prevalent and Burdensome with Lower Socioeconomic Status

Last summer, I was a communications intern at the Alzheimer’s Association St. Louis Chapter. Three articles I wrote about Alzheimer’s caregivers and their involvement with the Association… 842 more words


A Week In Esperanto Land

An Irishman, a Pole, a Russian and a Frenchman are all in a room. What language do they speak? This isn’t a riddle or a joke but what happened to me last week. 1,057 more words


Probationary Licence Holders and driving emergency vehicles in Victoria

A interesting issue from Victoria relating to the SES but will have application for all emergency services.

I wonder if you could help with a question I have as I have a daughter who has recently joined the SES.

821 more words
Criminal Law

O Ses Çocuklar Şahin Kendirci Final Performansı 15.07.2014

Şahin Kendirci O Ses Çocuklar Final Performansı O Ses Türkiye nin 14 yaşına kadar olan çocuklara yönelik bölümü olan O Ses Çocuklar da 15 Temmuz 2014 salı akşamı final heyecanı yaşandı. 45 more words

NSW SES Emergency and Senior Emergency Officers, and the police - Part 2

The comment below, was posted as a comment to my post, ‘NSW SES Emergency and Senior Emergency Officers, and the police’ (10 July 2014) but I thought it warranted a post in its own right. 1,490 more words


Diversity -- Undergrad Costs Harms Financial Diversity

In the last two articles on impact of finances and financial diversity in medical school we’ve covered several topics:

Diversity -- Financial Diversity and GPA

In the last article I focused on diversity and applicants’ socioeconomic status (SES) correlation with the MCAT. This time we will discuss SES and the overall GPA. 1,047 more words