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TSE | DAY 27 and 28 - Breakdown and recovery

Hey it’s Lenn again,

How it went and some thoughts on why it went like this

To say that I didn’t follow my plan yesterday would be an understement. 1,401 more words


The Down Side to Competing

Alright folks, not going to lie, this week has felt terrible. I’m super excited that I am just about 6 weeks away from getting on that stage, but I wish my body would share that feeling! 400 more words


First problem (of many to come)

In game design, like in all design, the designers come across design problems (design). Today, I thought I’d be extra productive, so I built an upgrade system for the base to test, film and upload to the blog for all to see. 116 more words

See The Light

‘It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light’ – Aristotle

It’s the first time in my ‘professional’ life where I’m challenged to see the good thing in something bad.

508 more words

Successes and Setbacks

The biggest success I have had at my mentorship is that I have had the opportunity to complete some case research for one of the lawyers and he took it and used it in court. 165 more words

Beyond 365

Day 126:

Today I am…  Out of it.  I feel not so good today emotionally, a little set back on my emotional road trip to well-being I suppose.  122 more words


Two off-days. But it wasn't my fault!

Oh, MAN! babylove gave me her terrible stomach flu, so I spent the last two days curled up in bed as big daddy, little bear and baby love tried their best to destroy the house and disrupt my sleep as much as possible! 342 more words