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Lights On, Blinds Open Kind of Day

Faithful readers of this blog might have noticed my absence over the last week. That’s been partially due to recurring panic attacks over attending my intensive outpatient therapy… 217 more words

Carry That Weight

Every Change Starts With One Person

Every change starts with one person having an idea. He shares the idea with likeminded people, they develop it into something amazing and make a change. 493 more words


'Size' matters to BigWind and it should matter to the neighbors, too!

With BigWind working hard on the legislature in Ohio, we thought it was time to revisit a serious warning to educate others about the effects of wind turbines on people who live nearby. 393 more words

Could BigWind be planning a BIG expansion in Ohio?

In an effort to build more national support for wind and thus more geographically diverse political support for the wind industry in Congress and across the states, the US Department of Energy has released new maps to show the potential for wind energy in areas previously thought to have limited wind resources.   110 more words

Motivation and Getting Real

Warning: Deep thoughts ahead so turn away now if you only want all happy and rainbows. I’m in a blah mood today and am trying to organize my thoughts. 1,047 more words

How to deal with setbacks

*Insert long sigh here* It’s one of those weeks for me. Every so often, it feels as if the universe has everything going against you. Those days or weeks that remind me of the childhood book, … 831 more words


All about the base

Where has the year gone? With all the months of idle waiting, it suddenly feels like this year has been a blur. Crazy I know but I feel like Christmas has snuck up on me and I’m scrambling to get all Christmassy. 224 more words