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Back To Square One

I glanced down at my folded hands for the eleventh time and sighed.  “I don’t know… I just changed my mind.”  My mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and younger sister all sat around me in my mom’s brand new hot tub.   894 more words


Illinois farm bureau president tells Ohioans about BigWind nightmares

Are you a skeptic? Do you believe what the BigWind salespeople tell you about the machines? If so, you need to educate yourself with information on our site and links to others… 298 more words

Plateau, For Serious

This is the first week I haven’t lost any weight. I can hypothesize reasons I didn’t, but it probably doesn’t matter. Even so, I’m an obsessively logical person who likes answers, so here are my confessions: 324 more words


Howard county, Indiana says NO to BigWind and applause breaks out

Thank you to the Ohio legislators who passed our renewable energy freeze and increased our setbacks.  Here is an example of problems within the neighboring state of Indiana.   254 more words

Aftermath: Pretty Much Still Feeling It

32 hours since receiving the worst results of my life? Still feels like sh*t. Being someone who is looked up to yet not living up to his expectations, having to face disappointed stares from practically everyone he meets, who knows when this will keep up. 430 more words


Bad news

Bit of a setback in my journey forward (at least emotionally)

I had decided not to appeal my denial of Unemployment benefits (because yes I did do wrong and wasn’t doing the job properly).   76 more words


How Much Are We In Control?

I’m attempting to understand in unforeseeable circumstances, in a life full of problems, and of problems that continue to become worse, how much control do we really have? 472 more words

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