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906 Homes IN OHIO are less than a mile from a turbine…. | Welcome to Greenwich Neighbors United

This is Huron county, Ohio, where a developer has proposed another project for Ohio. Do you have friends/family that live there? Call them and ask them to get involved! 135 more words

Knackered after 0 miles

This week hasn’t gone that well… for some reason I have been feeling more tired each morning than the night before and my days have been filled with 6 -hour return commutes and full working days in between; on the days when I have managed to work from home, I’ve still had to wake up at stupid o’clock as we have work going on in the house and there have been workmen coming and going… 394 more words


It Wouldn't be Life if There Weren't Setbacks

It has been a tough week and it is only Tuesday night.  I was trying to get some chores done on the weekend and I ran into a road block. 653 more words


Maine neighbors now fighting BigWind with lawsuit

I have visited the website of the group listed below and it is chock full of information, similar to ours: http://fiwn.wordpress.com/about/  How, unfortunate, however, that so many communities have to wait until AFTER BigWind enters their area in order to learn these sad consequences.   354 more words

On grief and getting Rick rolled.

Today has been one of tears and laughter. I woke up only to find out that my beloved street cat, Grey Boy, passed away. This beautiful, mangled, homeless Russian Blue was the most affectionate creature, for all his hardships. 728 more words

Wrong Place to be Safe!

What does oil drilling have in common with real estate?  Location, Location, Location!  

The reason why the Hermosa Beach oil drilling and production project is not healthy, safe, and has… 99 more words

About The Project

Texas city gets creative to HALT BigWind

This is the 2nd time we have read of annexation requests, Texas and Indiana, in an effort to block BigWind. And to think that BigWind cries about our measly 1250 foot setback from a property line. 270 more words