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Understanding substitutes

Seth Godin nails it here.   Not just for restaurants and hospitality, but for all businesses.  Click Seth’s name to read the whole article.

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A brief reflection on the NPQML.

Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium doesn’t matter. The intent does.

Seth Godin – Linchpins.

I recently submitted my evidence for the NPQML qualification and thought it may be useful to share my experience.

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Teaching & Learning

How I Feel After Reading the Works of Chris Guillebeau

I’m having a bit of a psychological debate with my psyche. Have you ever done this before? I have done this many times:

I get the idea that I should make progress toward a goal. 1,239 more words


Moving Past the Fear.

I posted on my Facebook page a link to today’s Daily Buddha post, “Love Your Work”.  We’ve all heard this message so much and I think we all truly want to follow this advice.  273 more words


The Media Is The Message

I read Seth Godin’s blog almost every day.  I don’t learn something every day but I learn something often enough that it is worth my trouble. 565 more words

Don Shaughnessy

Blame it on the...

Symbols. We have all heard the message of “gun don’t kill people, people kill people“. The same goes for mascots, flags, any sort of symbol— sometimes people just don’t want to take the blame, so there is the symbol. 133 more words


The Ebola Hype - Let's get the facts and see how we can help!

Since the Ebola outbreak in May, there has been little news or information up until a few months ago when it exploded. Now it seems to be in our news feeds and conversations constantly with an immense amount of FEAR attached. 1,340 more words