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Best Practice, Benchmarking and the Race to Mediocrity

We must be different. We must be lopsided. No more herdlike regression toward the mean – we must find the things at which we’re great, and build on those - 734 more words

On tv with Anne Geddes - how I did it.

You know those countless times when you turn on the tv and see someone famous that you think is awesome being interviewed and somewhere in the process some arbitrary caller comes into view and gets to speak to them and you think to yourself – How did that person get there? 810 more words


5 ways this HMRC marketing tactic is not okay

1. This is not okay because despite it being a threat to tax dodgers, its imagery unambiguously accuses you. It’s aim as a piece of marketing is to deliberately make you feel paranoid. 247 more words


Spam, Cheese, Veggie Burger or Nuts

As I near the end of month one in my commitment to write and post every day, I  wonder what the content is really about; really intended to do. 204 more words

Taxonomy for imagined failure terms: The fascinating variations

Taxonomy for imagined failure terms

Failure imagined (24 variations)



Called out





Indicted though innocent

Typo 157f s found

Unappreciated… 80 more words


Book #4 - Linchpin, Seth Godin

One of my goals for this reading challenge was to expand my horizons which included reading more business minded books so I can help my professional career. 457 more words

52 Books

It Might Not Be Okay: The Act of Being a Grown-Up

If I had balls, this image would be the proverbial swift kick.

For those of you who don’t recognize this page, it’s from Seth Godin’s… 489 more words