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Clear and concise - just the way I like it

Blogger Seth Godin posted something thoughtful this morning, which sums up my philosophy about legal writing — indeed my philosophy toward communication by lawyers in general: 498 more words

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Clareza e Respeito

Traducao do blog escrito por Seth Godin

Nossa economia baseada em conexão (internet), prospera quando as pessoas entendem o que esperar uma da outra. É mais provável do que nunca que iremos participar de interações que envolvem uma troca, algo que merece um esclarecimento específico. 275 more words

Seth Godin

Quit Now, Not Later Ft. Michelle Lee

Seth Godin wrote a little book called The Dip which details when you should quit or stick. It’s best understood through an illustration.

Good quit point: Quit early before you invest any more time or energy. 841 more words


Minutiae of Flight

The story of Icarus is pretty well-known: boy goes out, gets caught up in what he’s doing, doesn’t listen to parent’s warning, and gets in hot water (well, hot wax and cold water, but let’s not be nit-picky), the typical teenage mishap.   1,691 more words

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Everyone is an artist

“Everyone has their own printing press. So what are you going to put on it? What are you going to put out to the world?” -Seth Godin 1,060 more words


String of Thoughts

A couple weeks ago several students at my school started a nasty Twitter page; anonymously attacking and bullying other students. I was angry and disgusted at how ignorant and blindly stupid these attackers were. 865 more words


Impactful Art

I listened to a radio conversation the other day called The Art of Noticing and Then Creating by Seth Godin. At first I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to waste my time listening to something that could possibly make me think on a deeper level. 1,089 more words