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Seth Godin's Linchpin or, The Time I Tipped the Richter Scale

For 100-200 years of industrialized labor, there were 2 roles, management and labor. Now there is a third role, says Seth Godin, the linchpin. The linchpin is a bridge between management and labor, a gift-giver, an artist, a person who thinks on the edge of the box, and the type of employee management should do whatever possible to afford. 968 more words

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What thought leaders look like

Godin and Gladwell.

Dinner guests?

Marooned on a desert island with?

Geniuses with G’s?

Thought we should share the photo of┬áthese two brilliant thinkers side by side on the… 13 more words


"Two elements of successful leadership: a willingness to be wrong and an eagerness to admit it." ~~Seth Godin

This is tough to do but Seth Godin nails it.

If we are going to reach our goals, we have to take some risks and we may make the wrong decision. 37 more words


Social Media Quotes to live by

While searching for inspiration for my next campaign idea for a client, I stubbled upon an amazing article that contains “25 Priceless Social Media Quotes” that any social media professional will appreciate. 13 more words

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Sophistication of fear. The Lucky list. Are you Good at math?

The sophistication of truth

A common form of complexity is the sophistication of fear.

Our work doesn’t have to be obtuse to be important or brave. 678 more words