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Ink Monkey Bones #12: Auguinare, the Blood of the Forge

The following Second Circle demon was originally designed for my first Exalted chronicle back in 2002. I wrote her up several years later for Manual of Exalted Power—Infernals… 1,217 more words


Setting Goals and Changing Lives With Bob Proctor (Video)

Over the years Bob Proctor has helps countless amount of people in achieving success in all fields of life, in this short video Bob explains how you can change your whole file by setting up GOALS and how to reach them. 13 more words

The Importance of Research

As a writer, I think that research is immensely important.

You need to know the world you are writing about, otherwise you will run the risk of inaccuracies and flaws, which may annoy your readers. 317 more words

Tick Tock

Wednesday, July 28, 2014  •  Prompt #87

The element of time often adds suspense and welcome tension to writing. For this prompt, write about two people who agree to meet under this clock at 3 p.m. 110 more words

Writing Exercise

Stone-setting: Engraved bezel

Stone-setting: Engraved bezel with vertical walls

Stonesetting has been a part of goldsmithing for as long as people have worked in precious metals. Perhaps the oldest and most used setting has been the bezel. 3,314 more words

About Jewelry

Creation Legend (Retold from the Ailu)

When the titan Ghan scooped out the Armhold Valley and built up the mountains around, he did so as a playpen for his three children: the twin brothers Thahn and Thahr, and their sister Eyyafel. 615 more words


The Initiates, by Etienne Davodeau

Two men exchange jobs for a year so that one of them, a comic artist named Etienne Davodeau, can write a graphic novel about their experiences. 511 more words