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NBCUniversal Set To Pay $6.4M In Settlement With Unpaid Interns

Unpaid internships in the entertainment industry often offer Hollywood hopefuls a glimpse behind the curtain and a foot in the door. But the hours are long and the compensation is nonexistent. 373 more words

Family Of Girl Burned By Hot Coffee At Denny's Lands Reported $500,000 Settlement

Usually when you hear about a lawsuit involving hot coffee, the normal reaction is, “Well, yeah, coffee is hot, you should be careful when drinking it, silly consumer.” But in the case of a 14-month-old girl who was scalded at a Denny’s, her family said it was the server’s fault for putting the hot beverage close enough for the toddler to grab it. 213 more words


By T J Caplan

Oh no, they’re at it again. Those uniquely Israeli creatures, the “settlers,” are causing trouble. This time they’ve had the chutzpah to – brace yourselves – buy homes in east Jerusalem. 1,023 more words


Four important ways to advance the conversation on Palestine

Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip over the summer prompted an unprecedented outpouring of solidarity for Palestinians in the West, from street protests to expressions of outrage by mainstream politicians. 1,184 more words



Philosophy Corner part two: Community

This weekend I spent a lot of time enjoying the wonderful Made in Roath festival. On Friday there was an artists meeting called Settlement based at… 566 more words

The Settlements Part VI: Living Stars

The sky is lit up with thousands of glowing orbs, all which are marveled at by the naked eye on clear nights.

But when you have an instrument that can go to the depths it is like like owning and operating your own submarine. 1,263 more words