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A rolling stone of holiness, rage and revenge

By Yizhar Be’er (Translated from Hebrew by Michal Wertheimer Shimoni)

On Purim of 1994, Dr. Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Muslim worshipers in the Cave of the Patriarchs – a tragedy that sparked a chain of events that has, more than any other act, shaped the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the last 20 years. 4,860 more words


04-17-2014 The Search for Justice and Fairness!

I can’t even begin to remember just how many times over the years I’ve taken attorneys, the ACLU, and the court systems to task.  I feel I’m as qualified as anyone to bitch and complain about the system because of my long career of working with hundreds of attorneys, judges,and a host of criminal and civil defendants.  Everyday that goes by we hear strange stories about  how screwed up things have become  with the courts and unfortunately the weirder the story the more likely it is to be true.  … 747 more words

Just Saying Again

Military stationed in illegal outpost

An armed soldier was guarding us while we were waiting for the police to arrive. “What will happen when the police arrives, I asked the soldier.” … 728 more words


Picturing the Holy Land: 12 Photographers Chart a Region's Complexities

There are moments when photography can reinvent the idea of a nation and shape an age. The French Missions Héliographiques in the mid-19th century employed some of the first traders in the fledgling craft to systematically document France’s architectural and cultural patrimony—and what emerged was a startlingly modern blueprint of the past. 461 more words

Out There

VIDEO: I debate Israel-Palestine for Washington Square News

Thursday night, I participated in a debate on Israel-Palestine with the Vice President of TorchPAC, NYU’s AIPAC affiliate, for the Washington Square Newss Op Ed Live. 6 more words

"Peace process" post mortems are premature - and that's bad news for Palestinians

Secretary of State John Kerry made headlines this week when he told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee that Israel is partially responsible for derailing the “peace process” – clearly, a controversial position for an impartial broker. 1,504 more words

Kerry lied to blame Israel for the peace talks failure

Not only the Palestinians know how to lie. It turns out that our “honest broker”, Hizzoner John F. Kerry, is an accomplished liar too.

As Israel feared all along, Kerry put the blame for the breakdown in the “peace” talks between Israel and the Palestinians firmly on Israel, using the well-worn excuse of “settlement-building” for the failure rather than the Palestinians’ blatant violation of the terms of these negotiations, not to mention the Oslo Accords (RIP) by applying to 15 UN organizations. 2,148 more words

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