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Play a Microsoft-made HTML5 version of Settlers of Catan in your browser right now

There’s no app version of Settlers of Catan — the island building board game beloved by geeks worldwide — for Windows Phone, although its iOS and Android versions are excellent. 414 more words


The Rivals for Catan - a Review

Holly and I were able to pick up a couple of board games last week on sale, and so of course we needed to check them out! 1,105 more words


Stay-in-Bed Sampler: Favorite games of the non-video variety

When trying to think of a topic for this weekend’s SIBS, I kept coming back to hobbies that I love outside of reading. And while I do like myself a good video game, there’s something satisfying about playing an old-fashioned board or card game. 701 more words

Stay-in-Bed Sampler

Review 1: Settlers Of Catan

What’s a blog without posts? And moreso, what’s a gaming blog without games? To kick off my blog, I plan on doing two reviews for now, starting with one of my favorite board games, The Settlers of Catan. 548 more words

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Linkbait: The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends

Apropos of Friday’s roundtable post, here’s an interesting short documentary by Jay Cheel on the interactions of friends playing Settlers of Catan. There is a discussion about how different personalities approach the game, and how competition in the game can serve as a proxy for a clash of personalities. 59 more words


Roundtable Post: Games with Strangers

When Tim struck up a conversation with me about what games he should play with The Beau, it got me thinking about the idea of using board games as a way to get to know strangers. 1,302 more words

Board Games

I Hope The Island Sank

I hate Settlers of Catan.

There I said it.

I know plenty of people who love Settlers of Catan and my hatred, yes that intense, should in no way impact other players, unless they too get a bored, frustrated, and pissed off as I do playing the game. 390 more words

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