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Rhyming Schemes Are Sooo 2014

Hello and welcome to 2015!…is what I would say if I was motivated enough to write a blog post on new years eve. However, I’m not getting paid for this ish, and despite my own opinion of myself, I enjoy interacting with other people outside of the internet when it comes to global celebrations. 519 more words


Thoughts on our An(NY)versary

Exactly one year ago, the Craddock family landed at JFK. Full of a sense of awe and adventure and excitement. And fear. Yeah. Nervousness, maybe? No – full on fear. 755 more words


Living room - before and after

Okay, so we’re still missing skirting board (will we ever be finished?!), but 12 weeks after the purchase, it’s looking good!   Step by step photos after the jump. 6 more words


The shopping list

So the list of presents pile up and as they do our dining room floor is starting to look like its a belated cat Christmas complete with the arrival of Santa Paws. 78 more words


"You are going to live São Paulo"

After a single week one thing is abundantly clear – this is not one of my typical travel adventures. In the past when I arrived in a new location I had a very clear game plan for what I was going to see, how I was going to make the most of my time, and how I was going to enact said plan. 592 more words


The Waiting Game

The worst thing about this now is the waiting. Before we can arrange to bring our cat home we have to pass a home inspection to make sure we are safe. 490 more words


Blink blink

The last two weeks have gone by in a blink of an eye. We came back to Vancouver from our New Years trip to California, and three days later moved into our new house! 297 more words