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It's getting hygge in here...

October has officially started, and you can tell by the weather. Rain and grey and cold with a little bit of damp thrown in. No problem for a native Pacific North Westerner like me, but I am disappointed by the abundance of umbrellas. 292 more words


Settling in, love

God I’ve been neglecting this blog over the last couple of weeks! Sorry for that.

Due to me moving around and settling into my new environment my focus was somehow elsewhere. 589 more words

In Between Thoughts

One Week: What's Up

Written 9/29/2014

I’ve been in Beauvais for a little over a week now, and this post is a general update on what’s up.

  1. Beauvais: I decided Beauvais is a comfortable and lovely place for me to live.
  2. 904 more words

Kids with attachment difficulties take longer to settle in a new class

Its week four of the new school year and from conversations I have been having this week with school staff, it seems that lots of children are still finding it hard to settle back to life in school. 237 more words


Trusting Indonesia

I have been thinking a lot this week about how much I trust and indeed need to trust in order to integrate into this new setting and context to begin tackling the project I’ve set up for myself here. 2,697 more words


Friends in.... Places

I have made a few hilarious friends over the slightly less than two weeks I’ve been here. My first (and best, obviously) friends are two individuals I’ll call Oh Canada and ****, because I can’t think up a suitable nickname for him as of yet. 458 more words