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You Know You're a Worcester Student If....

Okay, third year now, and the time has come for me to reflect upon all of the quirky things that make the fabulous City of Worcester… 303 more words


Making do

First things first.  I “passed” my French “test.”  My score was a S-2/R-2.

I can’t say much about the assessment since I signed a non-disclosure agreement, but suffice it to say it was a LONG couple of hours that taxed my brain more than it has been taxed in a long time.   779 more words

FS Language


Since we are going to be living here for at least a year, we had to make necessary changes in our residency status. North Dakota does not participate in the K12 program, so we had to consider other education options for the kids. 325 more words

Daily Life

Oh, The Places I've Been (And Am Currently)

After a long writing hiatus, I’ve decided to make some updates! Though I  suppose you all know I’ve arrived safely back to Spain, almost two months ago now! 1,257 more words



This is our new car, or new used car. It’s a Honda Pilot 2012, and I love it,
although I have yet to drive it (I test-drove a 2015 model). 37 more words

Settling In

A Part of the Crowd

Dover is wonderful.  I wake up to the sound of the bay crashing the shore.  I can walk two minutes to the beach, or four minutes the other way to the bush (forest).   293 more words


homesickness in a different form

I’ve realized that the hardest part of this international adventure so far may be the feeling of less independence.  (Which does seem quite silly to say, since I’ve made this great big move and it seems like I should be feeling the opposite)  A few years back I was asked for something about me that I was proud of and I answered that it was my ability to support myself, to be on my own and doing what I needed and wanted to do, and being really happy with that point in my life.  219 more words