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Anticipating Easter

Today’s Maundy Thursday service drew to a close with the words from Luke’s gospel which describe Jesus’ arrest. The church was cleared of all decoration and clutter, until just the brick work and basic wooden furniture remained. 740 more words

Settling In.

Settling In.

It’s a wonderful thing.

That day when your foster dog finally relaxes. They realize their place in this new pack. They adjust to being in your home. 742 more words

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Grocery Shopping 101

Moving out to live on your own is difficult. You need to wake yourself up on time, remember to eat, get yourself to class… compound that with moving abroad, and you even have to relearn things about how to live. 331 more words


First Impressions

To answer your question, why did I move to a place I’d never been, where I don’t know anyone? Simple: I needed a change. Living in the same state for 20 years had finally taken its toll on me, and I’ve traveled enough to know that exploring a new city is extremely stimulating. 333 more words

Other essential things to know in your first week

I used to travel a lot and could probably have  delivered the pre-flight safety briefing myself because across the available airlines the principles are always the same: how to use the seat-belt, follow the illuminated instructions, fit your own oxygen mask before helping others and don’t smoke in the toilets.   422 more words


Two Years To Go

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, partially because it’s been a very busy time, so sorry for the ridiculously long post.

Since I last posted, I got violently sick for the last week of training (still not sure what happened there, but I’m fine now!) and finished up CBT with an awesome goodbye party in our town with our host families, some of the people we worked with, the current Volunteers in town, plus the 6 of us and our teacher. 1,620 more words

Yay Banners

Hey, I got all of my banners working! :D Unfortunately I have to zoom back to 75% to see the whole thing, but I blame that on WordPress’ format and not actually on the banners themselves. 46 more words

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