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It gets better!

I am not at all in an appropriate mood for writing amusingness. The phrase ‘What – the hell – are you doing here?’ continues to march through my head and the silliest things, such as a documentary on the cultural scene of Antwerp (a city I really liked), manage to get me down. 1,351 more words


Settling in

Establishing home in a new country and ‘settling in’ takes time. Regardless of how long you find yourself away from where you once called home, there will always be times where you find yourself yearning for specific moments, people, routines and everyday scenes that ultimately typified ‘home’. 538 more words


Liking it here

You know, I thought months were longer. When did 31 days become so short? Of course, time always goes faster when I have a deadline, like, I don’t know, all of the stuff I need to turn in to Cedarville for my student teaching internship. 1,241 more words


Community life outside Uni

Making the most out of the Worcester community.

As much as I love student life within the university, I love to go outside and do stuff within the Worcester community. 522 more words


When the Closet Bar Fits, You're Getting Somewhere

Progress, improvement, closet.

These words have entered into my vocabulary this past week, as I’m about to enter my one-month mark living in Japan.

I can also say that these words entered my lexicon thanks to my first pay day last Thursday. 1,055 more words

Settling In

From The New World

Well then. Yes, I am writing a blog and yes, I am a physics student! There isn’t any obligation for me to do so but since I get so many questions about what I’m actually doing here (and to be honest I haven’t got much of an idea myself), I’d thought I’d let you know what I’m up to as I find out! 997 more words