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Two Halves

Breathing New Life Into…Two Halves

This is one of my favorite poems I have ever written. It was clearly inspired by an excerpt in “Snow White”, a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, published in 1812. 119 more words


Dinner... and a show...

Way before I, or anyone else, ever heard of Weird Al Yankovic, I developed a fascination with rewriting songs to make them funny. It is an easy and amusing way to spend your time and play with words. 185 more words


Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds


‘The Amazing Randi’ is indeed amazing. He’s in his mid eighties,  stooped and worn and looks like he should be cast as Grumpy, or one of the other seven dwarves. 494 more words


Halloween in college means three nights of parties and three nights of costumes. My roommates and I have a reputation to uphold with our costume from last year. 250 more words

"Four Park" Flash Report! - The Dwarves

Had an early “brunch” at Gaston’s. In order to do it justice, though, that story will come another day.

After dining, we visited these guys again!


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train review

On our last trip, we were able to ride the as-of-then-unopened Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride during a “soft opening” day and it did NOT disappoint!   225 more words

Disney World