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7 Sins

I’m in this funk, you may say and I am not sure of how to get out of it. I’ve been through so much stuff for self improvement and I would say that yes, I have changed a bit more because I’m taking more chances; risks; saying yes; putting myself first. 719 more words

7 Sins Character Design

The past two weeks were nightmare. I pretty much only sleep 3-4 hours everyday. My only creative idea left in my brain is probably how to sleep more than 6 hours a day and I can finish all the homework at the same time. 188 more words


Push-up sau Photoshop?

Hai să vorbim despre lenjerie intimă. Având în vedere că nimic nu mai este tabu zilele astea, discuțiile despre chiloți ar trebui să fie un subiect light. 362 more words


Sloth - Seven Sins #2

Seven Sins #2


Lazy waves of consciousness
Tempt my shores
Calling us out, siren like,
To the deep
To be realized
To be dashed against the floor… 113 more words




Another bite
just one, one more
Let the fragrance engulf my nerves
the way your intoxicating pull
draws us inside out
Soft, tender nibbles… 60 more words



A hurricane strikes;

Thy mind’s fickle forts . . .

Piercing moral barriers; 

Tearing inhibition with wicked strokes . . .

Sucked into the vortex crown; 95 more words



To eat then sleep beyond it no belief,

Any food however lends thee 201 more words