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Two Princes - SS

Scene setting : Gluttony Castle

co-written with Candle.

Candle:  With a scalpel between on the rim of his right ear, Baal stared at the doorway with a enclosed fist resting on his chin. 1,729 more words


Cast your spell on me - SS

Scene setting – Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.

Dessy:  Mariela really didn’t know how she ended up here. She’s only been in Hell for a few days now – and was still confused about everything. 770 more words


A quiet ride through the park - SS.

Scene setting – The Park

co-written with Krystal

Razorbackwriter: The pleasant sound of bells ringing merged delightful clip clop of a pony’s hooves as a small horse and buggy came into sight. 1,012 more words


RPC - The Demon of Ambition, Lydia Dominatus.

Lydia Dominatus from the Seven Sins RP.

Alias: Demon of Ambition

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Age: 222 short years

Quote : “Ah, Love! Could Thou and I with Fate conspire… 434 more words


7 Sins

I’m in this funk, you may say and I am not sure of how to get out of it. I’ve been through so much stuff for self improvement and I would say that yes, I have changed a bit more because I’m taking more chances; risks; saying yes; putting myself first. 719 more words