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Day Nineteen

I think I have a cold. It is the first day of illness this year. Blech!

Last night was the first of four blood moon eclipses we will be able to see over the next eighteen months. 241 more words

Seven Weeks

Day Eighteen

This is the first day I have not wanted to write my daily first. There have been days of reluctance, laziness and embarrassment (on the account of less than exciting firsts to report). 97 more words

Seven Weeks

Day Seventeen

This was a crazy weekend. I feel like so many of my weeks blur together and I’m not really sure what day it is. Today felt like a Sunday – and it was. 543 more words

Seven Weeks

Day Sixteen

Sixteen – I always thought this was my lucky number. Birthdate and all that. I decided today that 3 and 7 are my new lucky numbers. 230 more words

Seven Weeks

What Were We Thinking?

I’ve asked myself this question about ten times this week. Not because I’m over it, but I think just because it’s hard. A lot. And yet I find myself dreading going back to work and missing any part of this whole process. 539 more words

Day Fifteen

Today’s first – it was a bad day. Bad days have happened often these past two years but today was the first since I started this crazy excuse for a blog. 371 more words

Seven Weeks

Day Fourteen

Tonight marks my first fortnight of blogging, of this experiment in finding my voice (which sounds so f#%&ing cheesy), of trying to figure out exactly what and whom I am and want to be.  431 more words

Seven Weeks