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Strehla 1760 - New Scenario

Fabrizio Davì has recently sent in a new Seven Years War scenario for publication here on “The Volley & Bayonet Page”.  Indeed Fabrizio, on his excellent blog, describes the action as one of those lesser-known, middle-sized, uneven and asymmetric actions between the Reichsarmee and the Prussians which makes some delightful war-game scenarios. 211 more words


Meanwhile, in Canada...

In 1763 the Seven Years War had ended in America and Europe. The Treaty of Paris had been signed, formerly ceding French Canada and Acadia to the United Kingdom. 298 more words

Sinews of Power and Those Power Forgot

A Call to the Most Bland and Boring Pieces of Paper You’ve Ever Skipped Over in the Archives

Vouchers! Receipts! Bills of exchange!

The paperwork of empire, particularly that of credit and finance, is probably not what gets most of us up in the morning. 932 more words