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1st Seville Winter Cup / I Copa de Invierno de Sevilla

The Madrid Harps became the winners of the 1st Winter Cup of Seville this Saturday 22nd November. The team of Eire Og Seville was kind enough to invite us, and the Madrid Harps, who don’t normally miss the chance to play a good match of gaelic football, were more than happy to accept. 596 more words

Why are housemates so weird?

I’ve lived with a lot of mental people over the years. When I travelled round the world teaching English there were three people who really stuck out as being slightly different from the norm. 1,291 more words

Culture Shock

Long Story Long-Act I

I was trying to use the common phrase long story short, but then I realized that would be a complete and utter lie. It is fitting that November is the month that we acknowledge everything we are grateful for considering I have been in 4 countries, 8 cities already with a trip this weekend tambien (sometimes I speak in a beautiful and endearing mix of Spanish and English…it’s becoming a common event and I figured that those I love most need to start getting used to this new quirk of mine). 1,984 more words

Sevilla...mi arma.

For many people, Sevilla (or Seville for those English purists, but I’m calling it by its proper name) is the city they think of when they think of things that are typically Spanish. 1,392 more words


Odyssey de Sevilla

It started out like any other night, I would typically go out for a motadito and a cerveza and mix with the natives and tourists alike; but I learned that some people, namely tall white… 856 more words


Sevilla: The Soul of Spain

     The air smelled of oranges, the heat radiated spices and the very ground seemed to vibrate with the music and rhythmic stomps of a 500 year old Flamenco tradition.  603 more words