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the €16.65 challenge

How many cafe drawings can I get out of €16.65 in Seville?

While home in the UK for a friends wedding and a bit of Glasgow Commonwealth Games action; my parents made me the fine, and always welcome, gift of a big pile of small denomination european currency, totalling in a very respectable €16.65. 58 more words


Oh dear friends.

Cheap hotels and unrestricted travel are so very dangerous in Europe. Especially when you have a 6 day break.

So many tales to tale, and none have been told. 91 more words


Saturday, June 28th

We woke up and headed towards downtown Seville. We went into yet another palace and another cathedral. This palace was very old and wasn’t very impressive. 113 more words

Friday, June 27th

We started the day how we usually do, on a bus. At least I finally finished The Fault In Our Stars.

We stopped in Córdoba to visit the Mosque and the old Jewish quarters in the city. 106 more words

Expat Focus: What do you compare about life back home?

Do you often find yourself comparing your life abroad to the one back home? I do, not as much as I used to when I arrived here nine years ago, but every now and then my mind clicks into comparison mode. 108 more words


Waiting for Business

Here, in the shelter of shade outside the Seville Cathedral, these horse and carriage drivers held a striking affinity to cabbies outside any airport  or hotel. 41 more words


Unforgettable Trip to Seville (Sevilla), Spain

After Barcelona, I flew straight to Sevilla, the southern part of Spain.

Many friends who I met from Burningman last year lives in Sevilla. I heard of so many wonderful stories about this magical place that I knew I had to visit it. 1,000 more words