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Project Monday

I told AL that I’ve been pretty bored lately, and you know what he said to me?

Get a hobby.

He told me, of all people, to get a hobby!

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Easy Hand Sewn T-Shirt Pocket

Had a free morning and a plain jane tee. Let’s be real … and a bag of Twizzlers, and a hot chocolate, and Netflix, and … 233 more words

Anima Pants #2 and 3

Since Papercut Patterns was running an anima pant competition [http://www.thepapercutcollective.com/2014/06/anima-pant-competition.html] I decided to sew up a couple more pairs of the anima pants since my first pair was really pretty boring. 261 more words


Hello world!

My first attempt to share a passion for all things that I love. Everything eventually becomes textile related because that is what I do. Embroidery and fabric is my world and here I show what I create, am inspired by and let you into the world I inhabit………….. 301 more words


t-shirt evolution


sometimes you just hit wall after wall. do you know that feeling? After I finally had time to sew again, I needed to find press fasteners that work with jersey. 135 more words


Summer cold

It might be 90°+ here in Alabama, but the pollen and summer cold seems to have hit my house rather well. I’ve had no real concentration, and have been doing small, sit down, mindless, menial tasks. 211 more words

Hola! Normal Service Resumed ... Nearly

It’s been the longest time since I sat with my laptop and logged on to WordPress. (Blimey O’Riley …. how spooky, just got a message saying today is my one year anniversary with WordPress…. 600 more words