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Revisiting The Catalina 40's Dress

Do you ever look in your closet and wonder why you haven’t worn a particular dress you’ve made? I had some time between editing for Lekala, and doing alterations, to try on a few of those dresses that just stay in the closet, but never are worn. 281 more words


Summer Quilt in Greens and Golds

One of my summer quilts is finished and turned out just like I wanted. It reminds me of the colors we see in later summer along with the multitude of butterflies. 27 more words


Cross Stitch Ring Pillow

All the cross stitching is now finished after a few weeks.

I have just finished the out lining of the flower border.
Now I need to add beads, make up the pillow & attach the rings. 7 more words


Double Zipper Bag/Sleeve

I found this awesome little pouch on Pinterest and wanted to make one too! ¬†Although in retrospect, I should’ve added straps to make it more like a purse. ¬† 17 more words


Thrift store dress

My friend’s birthday is this weekend. Her theme is vintage Disney/dapper day at Disney so I needed an outfit.

I had something I could wear but honestly I wanted to wear something new but I did not want to pay full dress price since I’m trying to budget for Dragon Con. 424 more words


Deer & Doe Airelle

What does one do after a sewing disappointment? One starts another project. Alright, technically I probably should have done another knit fabric project to work on those skills. 225 more words


Quick and simple toy bag

My daughter loves to sing; Baa Baa is her favourite. Her childminder Alison has a set of finger puppets from the Puppet Factory that accompany a nursery rhyme book. 601 more words