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Embroidery update

In the run up to my lunch with the RWHA (have a nosy here) I want to get a couple of things more finished than they currently are. 254 more words



It’s been a while, I know, but here are some things I’ve been loving lately:

• Felicia on the most important lesson there is: … 117 more words


10 Quick Easter Sewing Tutorials

Easter is just about here, but there is still time to sew something fabulous. Whether you need a basket, decorations, or something for you or the littles to wear to church, it’s not too late! 127 more words

Russian doll pencil case

Do you remember my Russian doll fabric?  As promised, I had a think about what to use it for, and finally got round to making it into a pencil case.  96 more words

Project Pinterest: DIY No Sew, No Holes Quilt Hanger

I had an AHA moment last weekend when it came time to hang my new Hillside Houses quilt.  I was searching Pinterest for ideas, and there are all kinds of hanging sleeves and rod pockets to add to a quilt to hang it… but my quilt was all finished and I didn’t feel like adding any new seams.   227 more words

Craft Chat

Everything is awesome!

Sorry about the title, anybody who has seen the Lego Movie will tell you how annoyingly catchy that song is, but I couldn’t resist it. Being as I have 4 siblings, it is my only brother’s birthday coming up.

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Re-fitting your shirt made easy

A visit from my youngest son finally gave me the push I needed to do a write-up on ill-fitting shirts and a fairly easy remedy for it. 910 more words