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Cross Stitch Cupcake #7

I decided to have a break from my big sewing projects and do some more cupcakes from World of Cross Stitching magazine.

Until my next update… Happy crafting!!

Cross Stitch

Secrets of the Sari

This week I really enjoyed reading Scruffy Badger’s post about how she had used a sari to make a beautiful dress;  that gave me the idea of writing a post about  some of the secrets of the sari.  264 more words


The Secret to Removing that Dreaded Pilling From Your Clothes

What to do when you pull one of your favorite sweaters from the dryer and it’s covered in those nasty little pills? Or maybe you find the sweater of your dreams at the thrift store but those little fuzz balls have attached themselves everywhere. 44 more words

Sewing: Cuff Commission.

Just showing off a little wrist cuff I made for a friend with fabric from Work and Play Scrapstore, with my own contrast buttons: 23 more words

Content: Real Life

Sewing kit essentials for the beginner

Do you have a sewing kit? Is it a box, a tin, a sandwich bag?

What would you put in a beginners sewing kit, what do you think are the basic items you need to be able to sew? 61 more words


David's thought of the day 26.

I am wondering if the rip in a pair of jeans that I have just sewn back up was meant to be there because they were designer jeans?

Thoughts Of The Day

What are you?

Sweeping my sewing room floor can be a boring, tedious exercise in futility, or it can be an exciting trek into another world. Today was that other-world experience. 136 more words