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5 Perks of Dating

There are some people who say dating is fun…and then there are the rest of us who don’t find the interview-like questions, the awkward moment the bill comes, or wondering if your date will call you all that exciting. 342 more words

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Which Gender is Sluttier?

Women are statistically sluttier than men. Psych. Actually, if we measure sluttiness by the number of partners you’ve slept with, men and women are equally slutty by definition. 832 more words


Coase Theorem Can Solve Street Harassment

Plato’s parable about the ring of Gyges reveals the degree to which he considers women to be thinking, decision-making agents. A man in possession of this ring turns invisible once he slips it on his finger. 415 more words

Sex And Dating

Big Meet

Last year Psychology Today published a chart put together by Dorothy Gambrell showing where people don’t meet.[1] That is, the map shows the most frequent locations for a Craigslist ‘missed connection’ to happen by state in the US. 1,322 more words

Sex And Dating

The Figure You Love to Hate

Men like 20 year olds. This was the takeaway from a talk given last month by Christian Rudder, co-founder of OKCupid.[1] Plotting data from users, Rudder shows that while women’s age preferences in men rise with their own age, men uniformly prefer women in their early 20s. 355 more words


The truth will set you free... but first it's going to hurt.

Sunday night, after a day of crying and frustration, and complete and utter defeat with Dallas boy.  I called a guy friend – an ex to be exact.  1,316 more words

Weight Loss

Because fat is the worst thing you can be...

Here I am in Dallas.  And I have once again realized how hard being fat is… how people view you.. even those you thought would not judge you. 1,430 more words

Sex And Dating