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Why You Shouldn’t Regret Having (Or Not Having) Sex On The First Date

Article BY: Allie Bukatman

Does falling into bed w/some1 too soon immediately disqualify you from being girlfriend material? According to the unofficial rules of dating, the answer is yes. 594 more words


Family Meeting 9: Let's Talk About Sex

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Before I get into the nitty-gritty {in case my mother is still reading, because she doesn’t always do as she is told}, our gratitude this week: 942 more words

My Life

Hello handful of readers!

What to do when you do not feel like having sex with your boyfriend who is incredibly sexy and kind because:

A. You feel self conscious, because it’s the dreaded holiday season, which you really like because it’s incredibly festive and cute, but you’ve been drinking probably a bit too much and feel a bit out of shape. 302 more words

Creative Writing

Slipped Through My Fingers?

Over the last few weeks, I met a man who I really liked.  Mind you, we only had two dates and spent a total of 7 hours together, but her was so great.   458 more words

Dating Advice

Hands OFF Buddy!

Do men have any idea how unsafe a woman feels being invited to HIS house for a first date, especially when you have never met the guy?   507 more words

Let's Talk About Rejection

Guys, we need to talk about rejection. Rejection sucks but youcan’t let rejection or the IDEA of rejection stop you from living your lives to the fullest. 678 more words


30 Men On The Moment They Realized They Were In Love

1. “I knew I was in love with her the first time I got really massively sick and she just took care of me without any concern of catching what I had. 1,518 more words