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Why are insurance costs going up?

Well, one reason why is because the costs of elective treatments are being covered now, and that means that the costs for them are being distributed to everyone else. 403 more words


Nova Scotia transexual requirements contravene UN recommendations

Jainey Lee Bresson is a woman with a trans medical history. Last year, in the midst of her transition from male to female, she applied for her name to be changed, and for the correct designation of her gender to be shown on her government-issued ID. 633 more words


Against Me! - True Trans Soul Rebel

Singer Tom Gabel said he was transgender, and is now known as Laura Jane Grace. This song is from the punk band’s sixth album, Transgender Dysphoria (2013). 59 more words


The Story of Luna the Rabbit

Brad Anderson always had a fascination when it came to rabbits. He loved how their hind legs would allow them to jump high into the sky, he loved how their little noses would twitch and he loved how soft they felt. 394 more words

Little Lady Fauntleroy

I have stark memories of James Harries and Keith Allen from my early childhood – in some ways they epitomise the height of weird of the turn of the decade, from Wogan to the Comic Strip Club. 181 more words


Bruce Jenner's Red Nails


We’ve seen the back-and-forth story line that is “Bruce Jenner is having a sex change.” It’s sad that his life is under a microscope, and that people are picking apart every part of his appearance. 44 more words

'I Have A Male Soul.' – says Singer Charice

Former Glee star and pop singer, Charice has revealed she’s slowly becoming a man – but she won’t be changing her body.

The Filipino star taped a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, who discovered the singer/actress almost a decade ago, and she told the TV titan she’s changing her look to embrace her “male soul”. 161 more words

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