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Sex Change: A Sin Before God

Does the Holy Scriptures give consent for sex changed for any reason from a man to a woman, or woman to a man, No? God never changes; His decree’s reign as the Holy Scriptures teach. 466 more words


The Curious Case of Willow Smith

“The pink triangle was originally a Nazi symbol — and it was only worn by gay men, not lesbians.”

“The adolescent growth spurt typically begins in girls around the ages of 10 or 11 and peaks by age 12…In boys, the growth spurt begins at 12 or 13, reaches a peak by age 14…” 42 more words

Shhh...I'm a Man.


Don’t tell anyone…









Boxing legend Frank Maloney: Now living as the Woman she is

Now, I don’t usually read stories in The Sunday Mirror, but they have the full interview, which is well worth reading. I was quite surprised by this, as it is rare for a public figure, especially one that has been involved in such a macho sport to talk about her story. 552 more words

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"Chase Utley You are the WOMAN!" - Chase Utley Has Sex Change Operation

Surprising everyone, Phillies second baseman was designated for sexual reassignment surgery last night. When he takes the field next Utley will become the first female to play in a Major League Baseball game. 205 more words


Unless You're a Clownfish, or Will Pay Your Own Medical Bills, KNOCK OFF THE IDIOTIC SEX CHANGE CRAP

There is NO justifiable reason for an insurance company, the government, and thus the taxpayers to be forced to pay for sex change operations. NONE… 33 more words

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I'M BACK! And also sex changes and other phallic penisae

Good day, folks. I apologize for my long absence and also for deleting all my earlier blog posts. A few things have changed in my life and they needed to be addressed. 275 more words