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Prostate Cancer Versus Breast Cancer

Looking at the statistics by The CDC (Center for Disease Control) we can see that amongst women the top three cancers are:

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Women In Web Development

In Fargo, on the InForum online newspaper, there is a columnist called “SheSays”. Of course, it seems to be a woman’s perspective editorial column. Additionally, there is no such column named “HeSays”. 413 more words

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An Initial Comment On WOMAN

Now, for the most part, I like women. However, I do not trust, nor like, feminists. You very probably know that not all women are feminists, you may also know that only about 20% of women are feminists. 645 more words

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Neural, not gonadal, origin of brain sex differences in a gynandromorphic finch - Brief Review

This is a study about birds, not humans. We cannot generalize from bird brains to human brains. The results can only suggest possibilities to study. 336 more words

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What Has Happened To Boys?

When I was in primary and secondary school, back in the 1969-1982, there was no such thing as ADHD. There was never a real problem with the boys in the classes. 805 more words

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Audio: What Would You Do If You Woke-up As The Opposite Sex?

One of our Facebook friends asked, “What’s the first thing you would do if you woke up as the opposite sex?”
Listen to the crazy responses… 46 more words


Regional gray matter variation in male-to-female transsexualism - Review

This article found that trans women’s brains are more similar to men’s brains than cis women’s brains, at least in terms of the pattern of gray matter variation. 1,082 more words

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