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Why Men Are Pissed Off (guest post by deti)

Men are not pissed off because some girl had sex with a couple of football teams’ worth of guys.  They’re pissed because she lies about it. 749 more words


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Is female hypocrisy making men angry? hypocrite woman Although I only agree with a fraction of the reblogged post below, it seems worthwhile to ask the question, "Why are men so angry?" [caption id="attachment_13238" align="alignnone" width="584"]Could this be an example of why men are so angry? Could this be an example of why men are so angry?[/caption] Feminist baby is acting childish again. [caption id="attachment_13239" align="alignnone" width="584"]Reality? Reality?[/caption] Are men really angry or is it just the case that the angry ones shout louder than the men who are at peace with themselves?

Can primate social learning tell us something about how gender dysphoria works?

When reading about the “nurture” side of the gender debate, one apparent problem that people frequently comment on re: the gender-as-socially-learned hypothesis is the existence of transsexual and/or transgender people.   530 more words

week 43


  • You did very good work yesterday both with the Liz Donnelly cartoons and in your initial work with the Vietnam War.
  • Today you should read…
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Part 1 Language In Cultural Context

Physical response to fat varies by sex

obvious study is obvious


Researchers have found that male and female brains respond in remarkably different ways to high-fat meals. Those differences in the brain lead to greater inflammation and increased health risks in males that indulge on fatty foods in comparison to females, a new study in mice shows.

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If You Shave, Here Is A Suggestion.

Let us discuss about how I shave my beard.

I remember before I was able to shave there were straight razors and single-bladed safety razors, and that was all there were. 542 more words

Sex Differences

Part 10: Myths About Domestic Violence

I wish to now discuss about how domestic violence affects children and parents.

Myth: Abusive parents are more likely to seek sole custody of the child/children than non-violent parents. 578 more words

Men's Rights

Part 09: Myths About Domestic Violence

Let us now concentrate on how domestic violence affects the workplace.

Myth: According to the General Accounting Office (GAO), an independent agency that to the United States Congress audit, evaluation, and investigative services, between one-quarter and one-half of domestic violence victims reported that they had lost a job due to, at least in part, domestic violence. 307 more words

Men's Rights