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Men Have Been Avoiding College

As I have mentioned previously in this Weblog, entitled “Women In Colleges“, in the early 1980’s there was a parity between men and women in colleges. 817 more words

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Basic primary colour perception varies by sex.


Basic. Red. Yellow. Blue. Rainbow colours. Not terracotta versus rust.
Primary colours too. So this would really throw the cat among the pigeons for any upper level function since a man and a woman can look at literally the same object, same section of the… 273 more words


Understanding Child Care Societies: Part III

As we continue to look at the factors that may influence the kinds of child-care societies that emerge throughout the world over time, we have to consider a few more of the internal dynamics of procreation and sexual intimacy. 1,811 more words

The United States Military Has Been Ruined By Women And Quotas.

I was in the military, specifically the United States Air Force, in 1982. At that point in time, life was good for me… well, mostly. However, in 1997 my career field had been deprecated. 587 more words

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Who Cheats More, Men Or Women. Actually, Women Cheat More Than Men.

As I have stated in a previous posting, one effect of a man’s testosterone is that men are generally more sociable and honest. So, given that fact, This is why women cheat more than men. 481 more words

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Paper: ....Measuring Global Sex Differences in Personality



The idea that there are only minor differences between the personality profiles of males and females should be rejected as based on inadequate methodology.


Study: Sex, lies and fMRI: Gender Differences in Neural Basis of Deception


Deception has always been a part of human communication as it helps to promote self-presentation. Although both men and women are equally prone to try to manage their appearance, their strategies, motivation and eagerness may be different.

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