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Former Fertile-Beltrami High Teacher's Aide Puts Life Back Together Following Acquittal Of Sex Charges

Now, in my opinion, I do not know if the women is really guilty. However, men have been demonized for ever and a day, and if a man had been in that same position with a female student, he would have been crucified in about three days, and gone to prison FOR EVER. 1,186 more words

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Rape And "Rape Culture"

When I refer “rape culture”, I am only discussing from the United States perspective, since in other countries there are legitimate rape cultures.

Rape culture is a concept that examines a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_culture}. 248 more words

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Men And Finances

First off, with reference to the title of this post, regardless whether you are a MGTOW or not, I am talking about the finances of men, without any references to any other person in your life. 1,199 more words

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Why is intelligence thought masculine? Probably testosterone.


In the new investigation, the expert and his team demonstrated that people who are brighter than others – an IQ of 130 or higher – were usually exposed to elevated levels of testosterone before birth.

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2098. Compatibility Axioms #531-540

531. When he shows interest, she starts out as targeted sex object. Her yielding confirms it. Hunters stop aiming at game already put down—except for arranging booty call. 305 more words

Sex Differences

Cornell: Women need PC offices to work at male standard


Contrary to the widely held notion that being politically correct has a generally stifling effect, the results showed that a politically correct norm actually boosts the creative output of mixed-sex groups.

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Concerning Voting And Selective Service

I know that in the United States that the female vote had occurred in 1920, just after World War One had ended. An we have been told that men had always had the vote. 469 more words

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