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Period Stigma: More Than Just An Annoyance

By Crysteaux Sun, Social Media Intern

Frankly, a woman openly displaying a period product shouldn’t just feel comfortable; she should be celebrated! She is doing a public service to all subway benches, restaurant seats, and bedsheets.

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Reproductive Justice

Talking with Your Kids About Sex

If you have kids, you will be answering this question at some point. Where do babies come from? Karen Rayne, Ph.D. is an adolescent sexuality expert, and she gave us advice on how to talk with your kids about sex. 35 more words


Arizona #science fact or fiction? IUDs are a method for abortion...????

Sarah Jones has written a nice post for Wall of Separation looking at the never-ending battle between science fact and fiction in Arizona health education. The current debate is over what should be included in a school curriculum as fact, centering around classification of contraceptive devices as a method for abortion. 114 more words


Comprehensive Sexuality Education For All Young People

Do you know that few young people receive adequate preparation for their sexual lives? With this consideration these  young people are potentially vulnerable to coercion, abuse and exploitation, unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. 439 more words

Uganda And Its Things

Article share - The things Sex-Ed should have taught you but didn't.

I have to share because this is a really good article.
One of the things I am very aggressively apposed to is the concept of shame…shame generally, but sexual shame is the worst. 351 more words

Life And Beyond

Vol. 109 September 1, 2014 Today's Buzzword is "HARM REDUCTION"

Harm reduction is a policy of encouraging and supporting an individual
to take incremental actions to reduce the potential harm of high-risk behaviors
which a person can’t or won’t stop. 621 more words

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It's Time to Get Real About SEX!

The mere utterance of the word SEX can spark all sorts of debates among parents, politicians, educators, advocates, religious leaders, friends etc., nevertheless it is a conversation that we must have! 930 more words