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Sex Education at 7?

This has been argued about for a very long time.

Sex education should be apparently taught to seven-year-olds, according to the Lib Dems education minister David Laws. 360 more words

Primary School

Ignorance is Not Innocence: Importance of Sexuality Education

Let us face it: Sex is everywhere. Music videos, television adverts, movies, online pornography, characters in games. Did you know that nine out of ten children… 503 more words


Don't say what you mean

So I don’t know if I mentioned it ten or twenty times, but I was on the telly box recently. It was odd.

I was rather spectacularly ill when I received the e-mail from a producer at London Live, the TV channel owned by the London Evening Standard. 918 more words


Sex Ed at Seven?

The wonderful area of the curriculum known as sex education, or to give it it’s full title ‘sex and relationships education’, the topic that receives much debate over when we should start teaching our children. 511 more words

Teacher Talk

Reproductive Justice: More Than 'Pro-Choice'

By Dr. Morgan Healey, ALRANZ President

I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at ‘That’s What She Said: Intersectional Feminist Day Conference’ hosted by the University of Canterbury Feminist Society in collaboration with NZ Tertiary Women’s Focus Group on feminism and intersectionality. 632 more words


The "Talk" That You'll Eventually Have to Have With Your Kids

I’ve been researching and asking friends lately when is the “right time” to have the TALK with your kids. Mine are just about at the age that I have to start thinking about it, and if there’s one conversation that you don’t want to screw up as a parent, it’s this one. 343 more words