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Let's talk about sex with our children

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When should parents discuss the birds and bees, and how?

Psychologists offer an age-specific guide You are at a family dinner and your four-year-old asks you where babies come from. 841 more words

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Telling the boys and girls how to tell the boys from the girls

From Reddit comes the story of an assignment given to high school students in a sex education unit of health class in Columbus, Ohio (as reported in… 397 more words

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How to be a Parent: Don't waste your breath

Parents of the world, can’t here yourself think? Think louder!

Can’t hear yourself speak? Then why waste your breath?

Wait for a quieter time to get those words out and, when that time comes, use those words wisely. 497 more words


Does sex ed conference for students go too far?

By Carla Castano Published: November 18, 2014, Updated: November 20, 2014

URL of Original Positing Site: http://koin.com/2014/11/18/does-sex-ed-conference-for-students-go-too-far/

Some question material taught at annual adolescent sex conference in Seaside… 1,508 more words


Growth Pangs: Flash Fiction

Meg looked around the apparel store in dismay. Her mother tapped her foot impatiently, “Are you done deciding what you want?”

Yes that frilly pink dress from the kids section that is a size too small for me, and the light blue shirt from the ladies section that reaches my knee. 236 more words


How Education Could Abolish “Virginity Tests” for Females Joining the Police Force in Indonesia

International news sources have been reporting the outrage over Indonesia’s “Two Finger” test for women, who are required to prove they are unmarried and virgins before joining the police force. 1,231 more words

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Teledildonics, roleplay and dry humping promoted at sex-ed conference

First and foremost, here is a definition of Teledildonics: It the act of pleasuring a partner remotely over the internet using sex toys.

This was one of the non-penetrative sexual options raised at a sex education conference. 222 more words