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Sex in the shower: the ultimate guide to getting your super soaked freak on / Bustle

Written by Kat George for Bustle.  Originally published November 7th, 2014.

“Having sex in the shower is hard (*wink*). The idea of it is hot as hell, but the expectation vs. 512 more words


Sh!t my clients teach me #5

Sh!t my clients teach me

Continuing my series of posts where I share with you the joy and wisdom my clients share with me

 My practice logo of the frog is symbolic of the fact that frogs are the oldest surviving species because they don’t stay stuck. 37 more words


Women Wonder: Top 10 Questions Women Have About Sperm

Hey! I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks about weird shit. Today, my friends and family proved that I’m not alone in this. We came up with our Top 10 questions we have about sperm and I conducted the proper research for some answers! 280 more words


Magic Education

Schools are a very strange place to work. Tweens and teens are abound, wondering about the world and how they are going to grow up into it which of course involves lots and lots of confused and questionable conversations about sex. 304 more words

Life Experience

We had to improvise!


 When I married in 1959 I knew nothing about sex.

There was unpatriotic for builders of communism in the USSR to talk about something that people exploited by capitalists called sex.

64 more words

For our sexual health week we talked focused on STDs and contraception methods although we did include more general health information in the newsletter.  We did a condom demonstration and then practiced putting on condoms (we used bananas as our phallics).  198 more words


The Birds and the Bees

By K. A. Musa


Children from an early age are curious about their body. It is not uncommon for a boy and girl toddlers to look at each other and wonder why their body parts differ and especially common when putty training or changing the diapers. 581 more words