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I know my last schtick was something of a boner-shrinker, and maybe this one won’t be as much fun either, but I just read this post on Elite Daily about why chivalry is dead, and contrary to my last experience reading an article written by a man and posted to the internet, I actually was like, “yeah.” 814 more words

Just Leave Already

How many times have you sat next to your girlfriend while she sobs pitifully into her Cosmo (a la Sex and the City) about the latest guy? 428 more words

Kitchen Sink

To Sock or Not To Sock

Gill knows that one of my favorite episodes of Sex and The City is the one where Carrie wears her latest pair of expensive Monolos to a party and is horrified to discover that the hostess is a germ freak and demands that all guests take off their shoes upon entering her home. 685 more words


All you had to do was stay.

This is day 1. I’m shaking, my heart starts pounding and I suddenly have a migrain. This is the single life. I find myself often planning on what I’m going to do with this new single title, do i flaunt it? 449 more words


Just a little TV LEARNIN'

Wisdom is everywhere, if you’re open to it.