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I Am.... The Low Maintenance Friend

So that blogging break had been interesting and I am sure that I will continue writing about all the things I experienced during that time. I will say that in that time my social media interest seriously grew and I ran into a lot of people who weren’t just interested in what I was writing and recording but in befriending me? 522 more words

A Jane Austen Girl Living in a Sex in the City World

I know the title screams cliche, but it’s the best one I could come up with when trying to explain to my co-workers why I am on the verge of 28 and still single. 924 more words

Boys, Break ups and Booze

The three most troublesome words in the English dictionary, well to girls anyway.

The first B being Boys, boys are a complete different species to woman, they think differently and act completely different to anything a normal girl would do. 331 more words

BLOG: Girl on the Net

Like the raunch of 50 Shades but need wit and decent writing? Girl on the Net offers just that — conversational blog about a twenty-something’s (often racy) experiences in and out of the sheets. 168 more words


@Alaska5000 Gets In Bed In The City

This weekend will conclude the appearance of Alaska as Charlotte in Sex And The CIty in San Francisco, but we had to get that bedroom eyes shot.

RuPaul's Drag Race

I write this blog for me.

Interesting how the more people who start to follow your blog the more haters you get. Sometimes I love criticism because it fuels my fire and sometimes I get bogged down by it. 390 more words


FOREWORD: The latter part of this episode of Love And Sex In The City was informed by an actual occurrence involving two friends of mine, whose rights as a citizen of Nigeria were threatened. 2,861 more words

Love And Sex In The City