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Talking Genitals.

Kevin Mcfadin

Warning: as you’d expect, this piece contains language that refers to vaginas.

Give me a few hours to marinate in cocktails with my women friends, there will always be swearing, sex and magic discussed. 432 more words

Are we over the one-night stand?

Over the last 10 years or so, the one night stand has definitely lost its cachet. Women have become more cautious, understandably so.  As I can personally attest, living and loving in New York City in the days of “Sex in the City” offered a number of challenges and an array of pleasures. 522 more words


Another wanna-be Carrie writer

What is Atlanta known for? Coke, Chick-fil-A, Waffle House, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, T.I., and the notorious amount of players. Not saying that everyone in Atlanta are players, but finding love in Atlanta is like finding a unicorn or like having a Chick-fil-A open on a Sunday. 322 more words


Love You First...

“Don’t forget to FALL in LOVE with YOURSELF first.” ~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex In The City


New York... In The Blink Of An Eye

“New York was his town, and it always would be.”

― Woody Allen, Manhattan

It’s strange how a place built with bricks and mortar can sink in under your skin like a syringe drawing blood, lingering in your memories with an aching beauty… If there is one thing I know for sure then it is that I am not the only one — and certainly won’t be the last — to be overwhelmed and enchanted by the Big Apple. 568 more words

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What's in a name?

Well, a lot, if I must be honest with you.  Firstly yes it would be wise to mention that I am 100% commitment phobe. I don’t really need any reason  769 more words