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Which Iconic TV Character Is Your Style Twin?

Olivia. Carrie. Serena. Rachel. What do these five have in common? They’re TV characters who have seriously left their mark on pop culture.

Each lady has a distinctive sense of personal style – and while style is more integral to some characters than it is to others, each woman projects something via her sartorial choices. 389 more words


Revisiting ~ Sex in The City 1.2

Season 1~2

Suddenly, I felt like I was wearing patchouli in a room full of Chanel. If models could cause otherwise rational individuals to crumble in their presence, exactly how powerful was… 502 more words

Revisiting Sex in the City

I have to admit I wasn’t always a fan of the show Sex in the City. It just seemed to me that when it came out the messages it was giving were so far from the reality of my own life that it was just a waste of time. 592 more words

LWL Musings #22

Actually I am pretty sure this is NOT my 22nd LWL Musings but doesn’t it look more professional with a number after it?  Saying that: 332 more words

Talking Genitals - do you talk about it?

Kevin Mcfadin

Warning: as you’d expect, this piece contains language that refers to vaginas.

Give me a few hours to marinate in cocktails with my women friends, there will always be swearing, sex and magic discussed. 432 more words

Are we over the one-night stand?

Over the last 10 years or so, the one night stand has definitely lost its cachet. Women have become more cautious, understandably so.  As I can personally attest, living and loving in New York City in the days of “Sex in the City” offered a number of challenges and an array of pleasures. 522 more words


Another wanna-be Carrie writer

What is Atlanta known for? Coke, Chick-fil-A, Waffle House, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, T.I., and the notorious amount of players. Not saying that everyone in Atlanta are players, but finding love in Atlanta is like finding a unicorn or like having a Chick-fil-A open on a Sunday. 322 more words