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The Game of Life

We all play it, from the moment we are born to the moment the last breath of air leaves our lips. Some of us make it further then others and some of us don’t make it past the first level. 328 more words

Life Style

A Walk in My Shoes

My Sex In The City Quote from #CarrieBradshaw


I want that can't eat, can't sleep, over the moon reach for the stars world series kind of stuff.

I want something amazing. Someone amazing. I won’t settle. I don’t want to be¬†comfortable. I want someone who challenges me. Someone who I look at and go “wow.” Someone I think I’m not good enough for but they feel the same. 181 more words

Dear Cute Guy in the Coffee Shop

Dear Cute Guy in the Coffee Shop,

It was really polite of you to ask to sit by me and I am glad that of all the open spots in the coffee shop you choose to sit by me. 163 more words

They Say Things Come In Threes

Dear Blog-airy,

Once upon a time in the first season of Sex in the City, Carrie Bradshaw wrote about three’s, well now it’s my turn. Here’s my three; sleep, school, and significant others. 412 more words

Lights, Camera, Action...it's movie time!

This time of year everyone is done with winter and ready for Spring and warm weather, especially for those of us on the East coast, but it’s not quite here yet. 435 more words