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5 Stages of Online Dating

I got asked by a fellow dating blogger, Chloe (chloecline.com), on Twitter (@ChloeCline) to write a guest post for her blog. My first thought when she asked was “Holy shit, someone reads my blog!” My second thought was, “Holy shit, someone likes my blog enough that they want me to write something for their blog!” And my third thought was, “Holy shit. 1,683 more words


Here’s How Black Women, Korean Men Date the Same

Another day, another study on dating and marriage for black women. The latest wave of research has come from online dating sites, which has analyzed the dating habits and behaviors of folks on some of the most popular sites. 393 more words

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Why do breasts hurt during menstruation and how to avoid it


Hormones are one of the main protagonists in menstruation and in the changes that occur in the body during these days as general swelling, fatigue or chest pain. 251 more words


Don't Contact Your Ex + 7 More Tips For Moving On After A Breakup

Breaking up or being dumped can leave a lasting scar that negatively impacts one’s daily activities and well-being. Sometimes letting that lover go is not as easy as saying goodbye and changing their names to “Never Answer” in your address book. 614 more words

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