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Rape victim ordered to pay child support to rapist

This is the state of the world in which we live and will help you to further understand why I propose significant changes to the way men and women are treated legally from a constitutional standpoint.  280 more words


Yes means yes, means more false rape allegations

The great state of California has done it again, given every male a reason to bale and find another home.  The legislature has passed a… 739 more words


Wanted Texas Sex Offender Arrested In Mexico

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A 49-year-old man wanted in Hill County for failing to register as a sex offender, burglary and a parole violation has been arrested in Mexico after eluding capture for almost 10 years. 112 more words


Rapists aren't cartoon villains

If you haven’t watched it yet I strongly advise you to watch the latest Feminist Frequency video on Women as Background Decoration.

One of the points she raises is that violence against female characters is used as a shortcut to establishing a character as evil, and in doing so portrays sexual violence as something done by only evil cartoon villains. 321 more words


FRAMED! online - the Anatomy of Police Persecution - or the Story of a whistleblower of Paedophilia

This blog was created in September 2013.

It contains the complete account of what happened to Brian and others after

  • the original suspension and dismissal from being a Head Teacher in Lambeth Council…
  • 235 more words
McKenzie Friend

New school plan to keep sex offenders out

WICHITA, Kansas – A new plan is rolling out tomorrow to ensure student safety in Wichita public schools.

The new system, Hall Pass, will be used to make sure registered sex offenders aren’t able to get into the schools during school hours. 114 more words


Her Father Was A Child Molester

My daughter, Ariona, visits her father every other weekend. She is 9 years old. Her father and I have always had a pretty descent relationship with regards to my daughter. 405 more words