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Having sex just as healthy to swim?

For those of you who are already paired, sex becomes one of the key of harmony in a relationship. You can regain intimacy with a partner not only physically but also emotionally. 152 more words

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Sex Positions For Pregnant Fast

Some women can get pregnant easily, but most are working hard to get pregnant. One of the efforts is to try various sex positions to get pregnant quickly. 559 more words

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Watch These Couples Act Out Obscure Sex Positions Based Only On Their Names

From the makers of Chill-Ass Grandmas Smoking Weed comes “Real Couples Playing Sexy Charades,” which is exactly what it sounds like, but with the added bonus of the lovers having to act out the positions based only on their names. 38 more words

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Overcome Fear When Doing Action Woman on Top

Actually, men really like that once in a while you take control, including in matters of sex. The secret is easy, try a style of sex woman on top that gives you more freedom to be in control in bed. 252 more words

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Sex position of the week: Reverse cowgirl

Photo courtesy of MensHealth.com

Grab your cowboy hat, ass-less chaps, and get ready to yell “yee-haw” at the top of your lungs.

Reverse cow girl is an easy sex position that the porn industry loves to use due to the view. 189 more words

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Enlarge Penis, What Can?

I am a penis, totem virility.
My base in the form of a bag known as the scrotum.
I’m not muscular and bony
and do not call me a blood vessel … (Charles Thomson, from “The Penis Poem”) 625 more words

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cervical orgasm.

What’s a cervical orgasm?
The cervix is the deep center of the vagina. Physically speaking, this is the gateway of life. When a woman can really open and relax in the cervical area, she can experience the most powerful orgasm of her life. 881 more words