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Gender Violence in India Report 2014: Prenatal Sex Selection, Foeticide & Infanticide

Practices like female infanticide, female foeticide and prenatal sex selection have resulted in chronically low female-to-male sex ratios throughout India.

Sex selection is defined as “any procedure, technique, test or administration or prescription or provision of anything for the purpose of ensuring or increasing the probability that an embryo will be of a particular sex“. 690 more words

Gender Violence In India Report 2014

Pregnant Woman Battered for #Dowry and Refusing #Sex #Determination Test

26 November 2014, Mumbai

31-year-old Deepali Pawar who is two months pregnant was so badly beaten up by her husband and mother-in-law , she is hospitalized. 96 more words

"I am trying to make a list of soooooooo many advantages a girl can have if she is born in a Western family as compared to being born in india."

Does Patriarchy combined with Patrilocality (the wife relocating to the husband’s parents’/ancestors’ home) and Patrilineal-ity (women not being permitted to have, or to pass on, names or identity of their own) 1,507 more words

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हमारी बेटी संस्कारवान है और मंत्री बनने के बावजूद पति के पांव की जूती ही है।

Roughly translates to: Our daughter has good values and despite becoming a minister, she remains the footwear of her husband’s feet. 

Indian paraya dhan’s parents who could view them as role models and be proud of them – continue to justify and make excuses for the paraya dhan’s success. 562 more words

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Sex Selection: Is it Ethical for Parents to Decide?

For centuries, expectant parents have anticipated the day the sex of their child is revealed. Now, advances in science have made this reveal a much faster process, as parents can choose their children’s sex. 515 more words

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