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Passionate About Wine

I had seen him in that bar a few times before: broad-shouldered, with glasses framing his square face and always with a suit jacket. As many times as I saw him, he was holding a glass of red wine in his hand, inhaling the aroma and examining the colour. 1,043 more words


Here's What Happened When I Stayed After Work One Night With My Hot, Male Underling

Some say those who are usually in a dominant role in their work environments like to engage in submissive roles outside of work, as a way of release, if you will. 1,090 more words

Happy not a mother's day!

Once a month every woman and girl in their fertile years get visits by the red aunt. Have you ever experienced how annoying the strawberry week can be when you have started seeing a new guy? 253 more words


Hot Lecturer Became My Hot Wife

she went to toilet which was outside and came in after a long time. She was completely drenched and her sari was sticking on her body. 156 more words

Adult Stories

How I Had Sex With My First Love?

she too was the same and we fear to go some hotel because police may raid or something even bad can happen. I was totally upset and she too was; we don’t a perfect place to enjoy and make love. 293 more words

Adult Stories

Why do I keep hitting myself on the head with a hammer? Because it feels soooo good when I stop....

So tonight, i’m still home alone, still poorly, and still thinking about my last break up. I’m only just realising how fucked up Boy 2 was (see the post before this one)….. 424 more words


"Single" by Choice

Whenever some people who don’t know me who don’t like me try and insult me saying I’m single because no one wants me, actually there have been lots of guys to attempt to date me .   107 more words