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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

I haven’t written a post in a while (and I’m pretty sure no one has even read this blog yet so it’s not like that matters), and I think it’s because there’s rarely something that happens in my life that inspires me to write. 682 more words

Horror sex stories

By Taylor Swaak

Sex, in its entirety, is usually a pleasurable experience. But would it really be as memorable without the occasional injuries and scarring run-ins with family members? 495 more words



Accountant living in the midwest with my husband, furbabies and son.

My family came to America when I was about six years old. I was immediately put into day care so my parents could work two jobs each to make a life for their family in the new county. 752 more words

Sex Stories

How to Tell if You're Dating a DOUCHEBAG

Well one thing is for sure if you have been following me on my journey, I have horrible dating skills and have no idea how to pick a decent man. 1,863 more words



I’m a curious southern girl stuck in Small Town rural Texas. I was born in 1989. That puts me at age twenty three. Fairly young but old enough that I’m just starting to get really comfortable with being open about my sexuality, even if things are a bit…confusing. 2,392 more words

Sex Stories

Strip Angel

She looked like an angel, flying in the air while spinning around the striptease pole. Blond hair, fair skin and gorgeous body, dressed in a long white lace dress with many small buttons in front of it. 916 more words


FIRE TRUCK! - Belle - Confession

I’m your average: customer service worker, married, mid-thirties, two kids and infertile.

I was never a whore in the classic sense of the word. Ex-boyfriends and ex-lovers were always my kryptonite.  640 more words

Sex Stories