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My Little Waitress

She danced around the subject all night, Tessa wanted to have some fun in the restaurant. She was feeling my rod under the table and working it into a pretty good bulge when the waitress arrived. 2,179 more words

Sex Stories

The epic begins...in the parking lot of Target.

I crank up the radio to drown out the sound of my heart, thumping from my chest to my ears. My nerves are over taking each inch of me, and I can feel my foot pressing harder on the gas in anticipation. 1,096 more words

Erotic Literature ~ Auto-eroticism

As a child, I grew up around books. There were Encyclopedias and Childcraft books on my bookshelf at home. I started to read at an early age, and have always been fascinated with words, and how they become pictures in my mind. 233 more words

Withholding Ms.Kitty

After some days of with holding the kitty, you begin to look at people as sexual targets just waiting for you to hit it! Humm…Damn I know that sounds bad but its so true. 331 more words

Vibrator goes where no man has gone before.

Whether standing in line at the grocery store or chit-chatting with the neighbors, we’ve all heard the stories before:

-Man slips on wet bathroom floor, plunger enters man’s “quarters-only slot”. 699 more words


කැම්පස් ආතල් 2 – 18

කාලයක් යනකල් ආයිත් පොලිස් කාරයගෙන් කුමුදුට කෝල් එකක් ආවෙ නැහැ. අන්තිම දවස් වල කුමුදුත් ටිකක් කලකිරීමෙන් හිටියෙ. ඒ අවුලෙන් කුමුදුව ගලවගන්න මම කිසිම දෙයක් නොකල නිසා මාත් එක්කත් හිත යටින් අමනාමපයක් තිබුණා.


Beyond New Year'€™s Eve -Part 1-

I’ve had worse morning’s after in my life, but not too many. I was awakened to the sound of little Alex, Michelle and Mark’s younger child, crying for her mother. 2,672 more words

Sex Stories