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I Had An Orgasm In The Middle Of Class, This Is What I Was Thinking About

You see her standing in the middle of the room and think that she doesn’t belong there. Her yellow sundress makes her look like the ambassador of summer. 1,268 more words

Served on a Silver Platter!

I often think nothing bad ever happens to the people who screwed me over. They get to move on with life not caring what they did.   1,070 more words


27 Men Share, "What Made The Most Unforgettable Blow Job Of My Life"

Mark, 31

I never had sex in high school but like every guy I watched a lot of porn, so my conception of what sex was really like was kind of off. 1,506 more words

10 Sexual Fantasies Men Have (That They Never Tell Their Girlfriends About)

My girlfriend dominating me.

“In our relationship I feel like I have to initiate EVERYTHING. It’s exhausting. Sometimes there’s not even room for me to tell if she’s really enjoying herself because she always wants me to be in charge. 825 more words

19 Women Talk About The Surprising Sexual Fantasies They Would Never, Ever Tell Their Boyfriends About

Having him finish on my face.

“I see it in videos and imagine it’d be really hot, but I’m too reserved to request it and my boyfriend isn’t the type to ask if he can do something like that.” 1,343 more words

A Stank Booty

It took everything from within me not to yell at this girl named Stank Booty that stepped in my car, “Have you ever heard of a shower?   505 more words


I Want to Worship Pam Oliver's Big, Black Ass

I want to FUCK Pam Oliver!

I’m 23. She’s 53. A thirty year difference! But I don’t give a shit. She makes my dick stand up. 311 more words