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2014 British Sex Survey Results - Part 1

Hello Minx lovers and welcome to another post.

This one is all about the 2014 British Sex Survey results that have just been released by the Observer, and my my, the results were very interesting. 549 more words

Sex Statistics

Changing awarenesses: sexual behaviours, reasons, and anxiety

The Telegraph reports this week that men are not good at spending time alone – with an interesting implication for psychology, that they make poor participants in psychology experiments because they’re more contrarian. 392 more words

Sex Survey Recap: What was your worst sexual experience?

The responses to this question reflect two very serious sexual issues that probably 90% of people have experienced.

1) Unwanted/forced/coerced sexual intercourse

This can be for many reasons but it would seem that both male and female respondents are somewhat scarred from incidents in which they were expected to put out or felt they should when they really didn’t want to. 668 more words


Sex Survey Recap: Describe your best sexual experience. What was awesome about it?

*This is a recap of last year’s sex survey results*

A huge theme is that of reckless abandon…having an experience that thrills and excites one to the point of really letting go. 931 more words


Sex Survey Recap: Intimacy and Cuddling...yay or nay?

On the whole, there was a resounding YES from respondents. It seems as though both men and women enjoy a bit of a cuddle and find that intimacy adds to the overall experience of sex. 200 more words


What (Dutch) Women Want

OK, so this is just a way of showing off the fact that I’m learning to read and speak a little bit of Dutch, but on browsing the… 127 more words