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My Penis Needs A Break

I’ve been doing Joseph since Friday, actually Wednesday with a day off on Thursday… actually since Monday with a day off on Tuesday, actually… nevermid!! We have sex pretty much everyday. 357 more words

Put A Ring On It

I talked to Joseph about the possibility of Patrick moving in with me. He was surprisingly and relatively calm.

“I know you’ll have sex with him, I know you” 128 more words

Sex: America, You're Doing It Wrong

To me, sex is a way of self expression. It’s an art form. It’s the oldest, most carnal way of letting out your emotions. And that’s what America fails to understand. 351 more words



Swaying side to side

Dancing our little dance

U whispered something to me.

I take in ur scent and it filled my senses.

It scented my clothes… 230 more words


Between Joseph and I there’s not much intimacy. Despite the 17 months(?) together I’ve never really opened myself to him, I only keep it sexual. Last night however, after a big fight I opened up a bit. 462 more words

Not Exceptional

Yesterday I got a random text from a guy I hooked up almost 2 years ago. Since I don’t even remember what I did 2 days ago I had no idea who the hell he was. 434 more words

Children's Day Special: Having the 'Sex' talk with your child

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an open, but appropriate sex talk with your child at various stages of your child’s growth. 1,276 more words

Adolescent Issues