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The joys of wanking

Once again, it seems that the fates have conspired in such a way as to make my latest #SinfulSunday post a prelude to this week’s… 1,042 more words


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Another #MasturbationMonday post, this time from our friend @KatieButterfly where she explains how much pleasure she gets from being a wanker...

Ich bin Wichser

I am a wanker! There, I’ve said it. I’m out and I’m proud. I wank, I play with myself, I masturbate, and I am not ashamed of the fact in the slightest. 172 more words

Hannah's Life

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In this post, the lovely Hannah (@TidyNoseTickler) proclaims her pride in being a wanker forĀ  #MasturbationMonday. It's a pride we share, and we salute her... ;)

Having the sex talk with your kids for the first time?

Remember having to be at the receiving end of the awkward “birds and the bees” conversation? Or were you the one that learned everything from that bad-ass friend who had older siblings? 64 more words

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Scary teenage stuff

The needs that others have had long before myself, i.e Drinking, sex and parties, have always seemed quite dull to me.

When I used to think about sex, okay, of course I had known about it long before other generations did. 1,012 more words


All about that bass

Okay, just a friendly reminder, the posts on this blog will be sexual in nature, but not done crudely. They will be informative, funny, and naughty. 785 more words


Parents Talk To Their Kids About 'The Birds And The Bees' For The First Time

Having the ‘sex talk’ is always going to be an awkward conversation for both the parent and the child, which is why Cut Video decided to film it. 110 more words


He Has Plans

While at the gym, I received a message from #1 (ex-sexmate) asking me what I was doing. Since I knew the reason of his text plus where this convo was going, I lied to him. 134 more words