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While I can’t see myself in a relationship anytime soon, I can imagine what would happen if I was in one. Well this time it won’t involve wedding plans of course, that’s still a waste of paper obviously. 282 more words


 I find it interesting how the world handles the topic of sex. Every culture has it’s struggles with it….. every individual has their personal belief in how it should be done…. 891 more words

The Art of Eye Fucking

As I spin my chair around from side to side I watch him from across the room. We always seem to catch each other’s eyes. I look him up and down smile just a little then turn back around gracefully. 289 more words

Brain On Relationships

A Scandalous Book Recommendation

Recently, I began reading Scandalous: Things Good Christian Girls Don’t Talk About But Probably Should by Emily Dixon. Now, let me state clearly, I am not claiming to be a good Christian girl. 1,395 more words

Uncensored Ep 9 - The Future of Porn

Sex Sells…. This we know. But what is the future of porn? Jane & Steve give their take on where porn is going and what you can expect to see in the next 5 years… We are kinda geeky like that! 18 more words

Uncensored Ep 6 - Sex Questions show

6 shows down 2 million to go!. This week the sex question we were afraid to ask. Yeah it gets very messed up. Plus the usual sillyness of Janes PM’s, weird news and this week Steve calls a brothel and asks for a ‘Wolf of Wall Street…


“Is the sex good?
Or is it good enough for you”
He hides his face
Eyes concealed by thick locs
Thick locs dangling above my body… 110 more words