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Sex Talk

I agree. I read it too fast at first, but yeah. Teach girls that masturbation is okay..

Black Women

Back To Work

I started to work yesterday, needless to say I was too exhausted to update. This job is more physical so there’s no way I can use a computer as I used to do it before. 217 more words

I Cancelled

Since everything in my life is about to get cancel, I cancelled as well the escort job I was proposed to at the very last minute. 333 more words

Oh my

*southern belle fan wave*

“Thank you.”

Ok, not really. A “thank you” did not slip off my tongue, touch my lips- enter my brain! 258 more words

Sex Talk

Perhaps Goodbye

My next interview is coming in few days, unemployment is not cool. Wishing for the best but going forward with my backup plan I had a meeting with the owner of the escort agency. 369 more words

Questions That Matter

Unless you’re a lovely bottom, that’s pretty much me asking you, WHAT?

Smooth Operator

Yesterday in a moment of boredom I broke my rules and I downloaded one of those hookup apps or “social networks.” It took me few minutes to fill up the whole annoying thing and upload some pics. 218 more words