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The "Talk" That You'll Eventually Have to Have With Your Kids

I’ve been researching and asking friends lately when is the “right time” to have the TALK with your kids. Mine are just about at the age that I have to start thinking about it, and if there’s one conversation¬†that you don’t want to screw up as a parent, it’s this one. 343 more words


Out Of Control

If I stop thinking with my dick and I use my head instead, I can clearly see the roots of my issues with Joseph. He’s the masochist who gives life to my sadism, even when not having sex. 133 more words

No fight No Sex

Sorry for the lack of updates. I spent the whole weekend with Joseph (since Friday) without hating each other, and I still don’t I know how. 301 more words

Hard To Forget

Today is one of those days I woke up more stupid than usual, melancholic and overall imbecile.  I dreamed of Justin last night

For those who are new reading my crappy blog, Justin was the last guy I truly fell in love with. 255 more words


Why are guys such a pussy in general? Straight or gay, most guys are not man enough to accept their mistakes and deal with their own stupid incompetence. 160 more words

The Most Akward Conversation I've EVER Had

There’s a new show on T.V. right now called ‘The Lottery.’ A couple weeks ago, I was visiting my mom and we decided to watch the pilot episode, not thinking anything of my 11-year-old brother being in the room. 249 more words