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Why are guys such a pussy in general? Straight or gay, most guys are not man enough to accept their mistakes and deal with their own stupid incompetence. 160 more words

The Most Akward Conversation I've EVER Had

There’s a new show on T.V. right now called ‘The Lottery.’ A couple weeks ago, I was visiting my mom and we decided to watch the pilot episode, not thinking anything of my 11-year-old brother being in the room. 249 more words


Je Ne Sais Pas...

Seriously it’s so difficult to have a normal talk without dealing with their horniness. Anyway, we’ll see…

Maudit Fran├žais!

Well, since I don’t know where the hell is Joseph (“partying with friends” he said) and since I’m allergic to be alone plus my trust issues are the poison in my brain that scream… 334 more words

Lesbians and Baby-Making

Apparently, I really look like a lesbian… Let’s talk about that. *Good Mythical Morning diddy plays*
Okay, so on Friday, I was at the county fair with Lexi. 500 more words

Instant Crush

I met Ottavio today, the Asian guy I’ve been texting with for several days. It was a last minute-now-or-never type of thing “Come please” he insisted. 183 more words