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Foreplay. Friction And Fantasy

Reading the type of questions straight guys ask on one of my favorite dude’s magazine (Esquire) someone said that his lady has an “angry vagina” implying he really pays attention to it, which I say … … 172 more words

Another 2 Years Soon

Well, not only it’s been almost 2 years that I’m officially single, it’s almost 2 years that I met #1 my first official sexmate as well, and he texted me today to remind me. 101 more words

The first time - by Kayla Lords

You have absolutely no idea how thrilled I am to present this guest post. This entry was provided by the lovely Kayla Lords, author of… 618 more words


Jealousy is incompatible with the erotic life… [Topics in LovePlay (Chp. 2)]

The main male character in LovePlay believes jealousy is a useless and destructive emotion. It’s not his green monster, nor is it his wife’s gremlin. In his words, “I’d be a freakin’ fool to think others don’t see what I see or don’t desire what I do.” He says this about the reaction others have toward Jill, his wife. 34 more words


Speaking Of "Cats"...

Sometimes I wish I was in my early 20’s and my libido responds/recovers as fast in order to please EVERYONE!!  Too bad I already got fixed last night, and the night before and before the night before. 13 more words

sugarcoat-free zone

tip #39

ladies, the first step to having great sex all the time is being blunt about what you want.

“i want a guy with a huge dick to face fuck me all night.”

Sex Tip Of The Day.

Lets Talk About Sex!

Sex is a wonderful thing! So why does it often feel “wrong” or “weird” to talk about it? Even while reading this article one might hide in a room alone or try to make sure no one else can see that they’re reading about S-E-X. 417 more words

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