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4 Signs It's Time to Ditch the Bitch

Few things are as frustrating as watching my guy friends hold on to a relationship that is deader than my second year anatomy cadaver. It does not matter whether you deserve an award for acting like the World’s Biggest Asshole or treat a woman like you stepped out of a Hallmark movie; you should be able to find happiness in your relationship. 1,154 more words

Rodney Burrell

Cum Goodnight

Something told me the best way to get my dick sucked would be to post a self-pitying explanation of why I would not be having any sex any time soon. 174 more words

2 Years Soon

I just realized it would be 2 years soon that I’m officially single. That fact probably makes me a good candidate for canonization ’cause it’s a total miracle and record of records. 388 more words

First Date Conversations: 3 Things No Woman Wants to Hear

I spent my summer enjoying the wonderful world of online dating. While I realize you cannot hear my voice, please know that there is a significant level of sarcasm in that statement. 801 more words

Rodney Burrell

Not Giving Up

Patrick text me tonight. We did a recap of what happened to us. I mean, it’s been few years now that he’s still after me. We had sex when we met and some more after. 134 more words

Sex talks with Dads

Aren’t Fathers supposed to know a Sex Talk with their daughter is kinda the Mom’s job?? And most of the time, the Mom has already done it. 108 more words


Should Oral Pleasure Involve the Use of Condoms?

Okay, in a perfect world YES–it would be much safer and less risky for our health if we use a condom every time we engage in oral sex. 102 more words