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The Good Vs The Prick

I don’t have to justify myself. He keeps mixing up our relationship and it pisses me off because it makes me feel guilty somehow. I don’t owe him anything, he is not my mother, my husband or someone I should apologize for my actions. 159 more words

How To Start...

Patrick arrived around 12:45am to my place, I’m not sure when was the last time we saw each other but there he was, looking good with a big smile on his face. 306 more words

7-29 An ASS fit for a Princess and Sock O's! - The Morning Playhouse


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Kate Middleton has a hot ass…we know- we googled it! Dirty Vm for Brandon and a whole lot of British talk…Prawn crackers, do Royals have tattoos and who knew… socks- they ARE good…


Something’s going on, summer perhaps? People is all horny and I’m the one they look for…

Patrick is an old ex-sexmate, he’s after me all the time ’cause he can’t forget me apparently and wants me back for something more. 18 more words

I'm So Going To Hell

Today I had a date with a another guy from Toronto… major WTF?! I swear to God, all these guys I’m kind of interested I randomly meet are never from Montreal. 119 more words

The Rich Kid

How can I spill all in chronological order when I find myself flustered from last nights date? Would love to start at the beginning with “The Artist” but “The Rich Kid” takes precedence and I appreciate your understanding. 166 more words