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Jealousy is incompatible with the erotic life… [Topics in LovePlay (Chp. 2)]

The main male character in LovePlay believes jealousy is a useless and destructive emotion. It’s not his green monster, nor is it his wife’s gremlin. In his words, “I’d be a freakin’ fool to think others don’t see what I see or don’t desire what I do.” He says this about the reaction others have toward Jill, his wife. 34 more words


Speaking Of "Cats"...

Sometimes I wish I was in my early 20’s and my libido responds/recovers as fast in order to please EVERYONE!!  Too bad I already got fixed last night, and the night before and before the night before. 13 more words

sugarcoat-free zone

tip #39

ladies, the first step to having great sex all the time is being blunt about what you want.

“i want a guy with a huge dick to face fuck me all night.”

Sex Tip Of The Day.

Lets Talk About Sex!

Sex is a wonderful thing! So why does it often feel “wrong” or “weird” to talk about it? Even while reading this article one might hide in a room alone or try to make sure no one else can see that they’re reading about S-E-X. 417 more words

General Information


After a busy weekend at work, welcome day off!

I was pretty exhausted  last night but Joseph arrived as planned and we did it like champs. 239 more words

They Need To Chill

Temptation all over but I said NO for once. My penis needs a break and I need to rest. I’m so proud of myself *tears*

At Least We Will Get Some

He says he doesn’t like it… sure. His daily dose of entertainment is what keeps the fire on.