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Something’s going on, summer perhaps? People is all horny and I’m the one they look for…

Patrick is an old ex-sexmate, he’s after me all the time ’cause he can’t forget me apparently and wants me back for something more. 18 more words

I'm So Going To Hell

Today I had a date with a another guy from Toronto… major WTF?! I swear to God, all these guys I’m kind of interested I randomly meet are never from Montreal. 119 more words

The Rich Kid

How can I spill all in chronological order when I find myself flustered from last nights date? Would love to start at the beginning with “The Artist” but “The Rich Kid” takes precedence and I appreciate your understanding. 166 more words


If Get A Job Were As Easy As Getting Men...

… if ONLY!

For some reason I met a cute Japanese guy from Toronto (why fucking why? Seems like Toronto is always in my way for some reason,) we clicked but nothing sexual has happened yet… … 137 more words


Because it’s the annual Gathering of the Nerds known as Comic-Con right now, Zack Snyder got the nerd tips moist by twatting a headshot of Ben Affleck in Batman drag while shooting that Batman vs. 156 more words


Humanity has reached peak evolvement, because we no longer have to sprain our hands while mixing powdered cake batter with tap water and we no longer have to bite our finger tips off while anxiously waiting for our ovens to shit out a fully baked caaaaaaake. 204 more words