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Humanity has reached peak evolvement, because we no longer have to sprain our hands while mixing powdered cake batter with tap water and we no longer have to bite our finger tips off while anxiously waiting for our ovens to shit out a fully baked caaaaaaake. 204 more words

The Biggest Comeback Since... JESUS!

Since this blog is “new”, his name is not so common anymore, but it was as common as “Joseph” or “Alexis” on my previous blog. 227 more words

Trying To Remain Calm

My apologies for the lack of updates again. My head is fully at finding a new job right now.

Yesterday I woke up around 6:15 AM as usual. 217 more words

How Should Christian Parents Talk to Their Kids About Sex Before Marriage?

It’s a question that every Jesus-loving parent must grapple with: How should I talk to my kids about sex before marriage? It’s a tough question not only because of the sensitivity of the issue, but because of the evolving complexities of today’s changing society. 2,121 more words


Life in the Virgin Lane

Virgins. They exist, they walk among us and they have normal lives just like you. There are so many people who are having sex that one would think that a virgin is an extinct creature that was something that was around back with the dinosaurs and cavemen. 1,015 more words

5:30 AM

As I previously mentioned, today I woke up at 5:30 AM because I felt asleep very early last night, but mainly because someone was hungry and fully awake… can you guess who? 77 more words