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Sex Workers Can Develop Big Egos

After doing sex work for any length of time, it’s really important to watch out for developing an inflated ego. Lots of escorts I know have told me that because they’ve had dozens/hundreds/thousands of men pay them for sex, they just automatically assume that all men are attracted to them and want to have sex with them. 621 more words

Sex Work

Young And Inocent

There is, as is so often remarked “no fool like an old fool”.

I met Sara, a girl of Pakistani origin born in Britain, as a result of… 444 more words

A Survivour Speaks

Hello, I’m Lori from Kink, etc… Recently I shared a bit about my story about being a victim of the industry and a little about how my views of the sex workers has changed. 1,315 more words

Sex Work

New Photos!

I love photos, they are one of the best parts of this project (so far)!

You should also find some different new ones up on the… 37 more words

Open Letter To Canadian Politicians In Support Of The Nordic Model

A letter to the leaders of Canada’s political parties in support of the Nordic Model has garnered 858 signatures, http://feministcurrent.com/8915/open-letter-in-support-of-adopting-the-nordic-model-in-canada-garners-over-800-signatures/. For those unacquainted with the Nordic Model, the system criminalises the purchasers of sexual services but not the providers, the concept underpinning it being that women do not enter sex work voluntarily, they are exploited persons who require to be saved from prostitution. 197 more words

Rebecca Plays A Sex Worker

After working with Melissa on “pURe” as “Anais” in 2012 , I jumped at the chance to work with Melissa again. “pURe” was an incredible experience. 207 more words

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Prostitution and Police Powers in Berlin

Parliamentary Enquiry about Prostitution and Police Powers

In late March, the Berlin Senate issued a reply to a parliamentary enquiry by Evrim Sommer (Left Party) 55 more words

Sex Work