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First Blog!

Hello there! You probably came here due to the title.  Or perhaps an odd curiosity about what the hell this blog could be about.  Or you think that there are boobs on here. 170 more words

The double life.

The thing is it’s not the men or the other girls you have to deal with in the sex industry it’s the fact you have to live a double life that gets to you. 226 more words


Women don't owe you.

*Trigger warning: transantagonism, male sexual entitlement*

Image Credit: found on National Women’s Health Network’s pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/pin/284149057714317311/

Women, in addition to not owing you prettiness, we don’t owe you a whole host of other things the patriarchy demands from us on a regular basis. 971 more words

A Former Prostitute on God, Love, and Destigmatizing the Sex Industry

Imagine my surprise when I asked why she started as a prostitute: ‘It was fun!’

For most people, the mention of prostitution brings up images of ragtag women strutting about grody city streets in torn fishnets.   903 more words


Saying Goodbye

Dear readers,

Here is an important announcement.
I enjoyed writing a lot when I felt I really needed to write. Unfortunately, this feeling didn’t last. 259 more words


Things Nobody Tells You About Being an Online Dominatrix

Things nobody tells you about being an online Domme

  1. You do not spend all your time in PVC catsuits and stiletto heels

    Sorry to disappoint you but we do not spend all our time dressed in the way that you would expect a Domme to dress.

979 more words


The Kids Are All Drunk: “Mad Youth”

As post-Prohibition America limped out of the Great Depression into a booze-soaked malaise of cigarette smoke and bridge games, the powers-that-be took a look around and zeroed in on someone to blame for the country’s collective discontent. 1,940 more words