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Fairly ‘normalized’: Happy and ‘gay’

By Neha Gupta

Chennai: Narrow streets, bright-green peeling walls, creaking gates, colourful flowers, noises, tinkling bells. In other words, a locality just like you and I would live in. 563 more words

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Every Sex Worker Is Somebody’s Daughter, Ctd

by Dish Staff

Noah Millman jumps in on Elizabeth’s sex-workers-as-daughters discussion:

You could call a “moral libertarian” version of Rawls’s veil of ignorance. We don’t know what our daughter might decide to do when she is of age.

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Movie Review- Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

This movie would have been great… if not for all the ridiculously harmful stereotypes everywhere.

Content Warning: rape, misogyny, rape culture.

Not to say it’s that way for all the characters. 1,184 more words


Dance Bar

Every year thousands of girls in Nepal are sold or coerced into a booming sex industry. Many are subjected to debt bondage, made to work in “massage parlours” or perform in “dance bars” like the one described here, where they wait upon men and perform. 973 more words


Every Sex Worker Is Somebody’s Daughter, Ctd

by Dish Staff

The sex-worker-as-daughter debate, which Elizabeth launched, continues. Two readers cite two different missing pieces from the conversation thus far. One writes: 395 more words

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Every Sex Worker Is Somebody’s Daughter, Ctd

by Dish Staff

Elizabeth’s post about sex workers as the theoretical “daughters” of those opining on the topic continues to cause a stir. Adam Ozimek… 1,184 more words

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No, Doree Lewak. Just No.


It was about 2:30 in the morning on a Wednesday and I was covering a shift at my local bar.  My customer’s glasses were all filled so I decided to take a quick walk across the street to read the handwritten sign left on the front door of my (now-shuttered) favorite coffee shop.  1,374 more words

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