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Girls Only!.....how do you prefer your coffee?

                                                  fresh and creamy?


just plain and sexy?

Cuba Gooding, Jr. ….at your service!

The Sexiest Animal

Is a human being.
For me.
No question.
I completely feel that when it comes to sexual attractiveness a human woman is the best.
By far. 98 more words

The Golden Kiss

He drove over just after noon, texting me to say, “You better be thirsty.”

“I am, Daddy!” I replied. “So thirsty… and hungry!”

I’d taken a shower before he came (pretty silly, when you think about it) and had slipped into a black and white knit leopard print dress. 1,151 more words


3rd Day in Boston and I'm already walking home with my key between my fingers.

Why is this my life, in which I have to walk home expecting a man to pop out and drag me into an alley? 210 more words

9/2 update on house.

Ok I actually tried to paint naked. Well not such a smart idea lol. But after painting all day. I got a lot done. I finished the livingroom earlier cieling and all. 250 more words


He said he liked me better drunk, but he never loved me sober.

They said they liked me better drunk… and I took pleasure in the thought of acceptance. And placed my trust in words, but I lost my voice after 7 drinks and floated to boys beds. 213 more words