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Thoughts on Masturbation?

Being a spiritual person, I personally do not masturbate. I don’t believe it’s good for you and plays with your mind. Males that do not ejaculate for pleasure make much better lovers and become generally nicer people. 6 more words

My Thoughts

Showtime Bar w/ Southern Charmer

So Southern Charmer went to Georgia to pick up some furniture and came back Tuesday night. He wanted to hang out when he got back, but since he got back to so late and I had work the next day, we decided to just hang out Wednesday. 308 more words

Day in the life

“All the things I really like are immoral, illegal, or fattening” – (Alexander Woolcott).

Yeah, amen to that, sez I! And now the weather changes: rainy, rainy. 552 more words


Here Are 15 Weird US Drinking Laws Because, Why Not?

America has always had a very strange, love/hate relationship with drinking. I mean, Americans love to booze it up and yet, we were a country that (kind of) embraced Prohibition. 1,122 more words


"Mom I am not ready"

Today I am going to share with you the tragedy of growing up. My childhood, I believe was better than getting into adolescent and now youth category. 1,274 more words


Would you like a side of sex with that?

At a recent friends birthday party, I happened upon his attractive friend. There was instant chemistry, mainly assisted by a roaring fire and copious amounts of alcohol. 420 more words



You have a
nom de plume

that throbs into life
in my fingertips.

I brandish songs
out of it,
jumble up verses
and make you whisper… 199 more words