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"if you respected me..."

Last night, in bed:

Him:  Will you make love with me tonight?


Me: It makes me cry.


Him, slightly pouty:  What do I have to do? 233 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Her hand in my Pocket

Her eyes spoke what my eyes read
Her body made my mind feel
There was obviously another She by my side
Yet my attention was for the She on the other side… 128 more words


Dad Bitting Nails

I am suffer from chronic onychophagia. According to letusfindout.com it is the result of possibly a mental, emotional or physical disorder. A reaction to boredom, hunger or nervousness. 292 more words



So today I handed in my masters and how am I meant to feel about it?

Right now I’m feeling Christmas spirit by getting stoned with my flatmate and contemplating trying out my new sex toy. 9 more words

All I could

2:19 Monday morning 12/22/14

I have had so much cheap wine tonight please excuse the things about to come out my mouth. But um….. all I’ve been thinking about for the past few hours are your hands slowly tracing the outline of my body, I have been imagining your tongue mmmhhh wait we’ll come back to that. 131 more words


Blue Moonlight

Bruised in blue light

a soft heated music

of voluptuous air floats

with exquisite tenderness

across the contoured curve

of blossomed hips

beneath a Solstice Moon. 65 more words