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It's Me

She touches herself
That intimidates some men
But I know better
With each stroke of her finger
It’s me she is thinking of

Random Thoughts

Times have changed

Ladies! Times have changed.  You can now dance with that cute guy without having to wait in the sidelines while every other girl dances with him. 561 more words


Fact #008

Famed sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer was once a sniper of the Israeli Defense Force. She was also a survivor of the holocaust.



Fact #007

The world record for most sex under 24 hr is hold by Lisa Sparks, an adult movie actress. She managed to have sex with 919 men in Eroticon festival in Warsaw. 8 more words




Skin that smelled of sunshine and leather

Imbedded into the gravel of growth on his jaw

The cologne of exhaust and burnt out tires… 140 more words


Top 10: Benefits of Being Infertile

Trying to lighten the mood this week today I am reposting a top 10 from 999 Reasons to Laugh At Infertility (the site is no longer active but click to visit FB page).  368 more words


Itty Bitty Titties

The vajayjay picture got a ridiculous amount of views so I figured these bad boys would surely draw attention – this is when I’d prefer to have a letter grade a bit lower. 7 more words