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The meaning of love

“I love you”

Three simple words that hold so much meaning in relationships. Three words that have the power to make you feel on top of the world, or like the only person in the world. 1,099 more words


Sexy Time with Mister Fitz: I Heart Vagina

In the past, I admit,  I have made some disparaging remarks regarding vagina. But I assure you, despite my opinion on the general appearance of the orifice, this will not be another blog in which I make jokes about poorly quaffed bushes or try to redirect you to images of… 1,262 more words


Chapter Two: Part A

Last thing I recalled was the feeling of warm blood running down the back of my pants, like I’d lost bowel control but was strangely comforting. 709 more words

The attempted orgy origin story.

In the back of my mind I always thought something like this might happen. Get any 5 amorous attractive young people in the same room with obvious sexual tension add alcohol and see what happens. 780 more words

screwing your crush 20 yrs later

A week ago I woke up in his bed. Today it seems like it was just a dream.

I see him almost everyday in passing. I usually initiate a sweet text or flirt a little but its gotten a little complicated. 201 more words