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Quote from John Keats

The 19th century romantic poet once said: “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”

There are all kinds of theories, tactics and ideas thrown around by a lot of people in the PUA community, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to have a firm grasp on all of it before you’re capable of getting the results you want. 108 more words


Dating and Confused

Things are getting a little out of hand over here in “Lola Land.” I attribute this to the fact that I’ve once again found myself in love with a man in a complicated “situation.”  (See also a guy with a live-in girlfriend). 1,425 more words


As far as I can tell, my vajay has Ebola. (Men, this one isn't for you.)

I got my period “late” by most standards – just before my 14th birthday. Late starts and early menopause run in the family (hooray!). By the time it came, it wasn’t a “red badge of honor,” so much as a damned shame – I knew by then how awful they were, as all my other friends had them and had bitched to me endlessly. 1,670 more words


11:11 - How it changed my life.

Shared by Garvita.

 “11:11 comes twice a day because God believes everyone deserves a second chance.”

25th January,2014, 11:11 am.

“Please give me the boy I love.” 408 more words



What is wrong with this?
A lady, Lola, was on her boyfriend’s laptop, and while she worked, she stumbled on a folder called “Lola’s Expenses”; in it, her boyfriend had a list of every dime he has ever spent on her, EVERY DIME! 66 more words


Lonely At The Top: Is Dating Harder For Entrepreneurs?

One of the most attractive qualities about dating an entrepreneur is the flexibility of their schedule. However, on the flip side, entrepreneur schedules can be completely unconventional. 1,054 more words

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If you live in Canada, there’s a story that you’re likely pretty familiar with.  Last Sunday, Jian Ghomeshi, host and co-creator of “Q” on CBC was fired from the broadcasting company.  799 more words