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When and Where Do You Struggle?

We all have snares that try to take us down the wrong road. Sometimes the snare calls to us stronger than other times. We may have a grip on it but we don’t like the fact that there’s still evidence of it being there. 129 more words


Always Perfect

At The Monkey Club, one of my favorite cocktail bars in Lyon. Don’t ask me the name of these two cocktails, the last ones that… 16 more words

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Meet "Cool Girl" and Here's Why She's the Worst

Being labeled high maintenance is not a desirable achievement. I always thought I was normal, by no means low maintenance, but not leading the pack on the other side of the spectrum either. 581 more words


He Didn't Call

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I’m sitting here on my bed, laptop on my legs, trying to distract myself from my own awful feelings of inadequacy and loneliness by watching a series. 665 more words


Sexy Thoughts.

I wonder if anyone has thought about me sexually recently. I wonder if people wonder if people have thought about them sexually too. Man, I do it all the time. 288 more words


An Article for Use.

My body is an article for use. That is the way I’ve always known. My God tells me it’s a temple, and maybe it was meant to be, but someone else taught me it’s a temple of sexual healing, a temple for the karma sutra. 750 more words



“A 28 year old wants to come over and give me head for an hour,” I say. I hate the term cunnilingus, so faux- Latin. 465 more words