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My Ex Sent My Nude Pictures to My Coworkers

I was six months free of an abusive relationship when I got the text. It was from Beau, a coworker.

“Someone sent me nude pics of you,” he wrote. 120 more words

The Quiet Storm With Kym Sellers

Most Annoying Facebook Couples

1. The Too-Much-In-Love Couple
Between the constant “I love my honey sooooo much!!” and “I have the most amazing husband in the whole world!!!” updates, these couples do proclaim too much. 255 more words

The Quiet Storm With Kym Sellers

Chapter 3: Pretty, curly, barefoot monster

Chapter 3

Half an hour later we pulled up to the high-rise where my husband and I had been living for almost a year, one of those swanky buildings with a marble lobby, a jolly doorman and an aggressively starched, dehydrated concierge. 1,217 more words


Ways Women Sabotage Their Chances At Finding Love

1. You put your ex on a pedestal

After a breakup, we tend to look at our exes as perfect. We look past the issues that caused the breakup and remember only the good parts of a relationship. 179 more words

The Quiet Storm With Kym Sellers

A TV Show Is Coming Where Contestants Get It On...

Would you watch this? “Sex Box” premieres in 2015 on WeTV. Couples are judged on how they have sex. What do you think? –Jax


Do You Want A Banana?

Do You Want A Banana?

 One time her brother came through the back while we were


next to the

sink in the kitchen.

*** 100 more words

Embracing sex

I have the worst thoughts about you and I.

I’m trying to be good,

but the thought of us is overpowering,

making me bad and unclean, 173 more words