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The title has nothing to do with what I am about to write. The song just came on my iPod (Romeo sings it to me) and it makes me happy :) 489 more words


So I guess things are back on track with Romeo. I texted him this morning and a rather entertaining conversation ensued, as seen in the picture above. 88 more words

The Biggest Orgasm Of My Life Was With A Guy Who Had A Girlfriend (Whoops)

I am a very naughty girl. Sometimes I think with my pussy and not my head. It often gets me into trouble. I’ve written on here before about fucking someone who ended up having a girlfriend, but in that instance I really had no idea he was a taken man. 1,897 more words


A Very Violent Fuck

Sex and violence aren’t usually discussed in conjunction with one another. People are afraid to discuss sex and violence, as rape is usually the thing that comes to mind. 922 more words


The HUGEST Dick Ever

Vaginas are strong. Vaginas are meant to push out eight-pound mini humans. But sometimes, vaginas cannot accommodate huge monster cocks. 

I met this guy named B on Tinder during a dry spell in my sex life. 881 more words



i’ve titled this post as such for two reasons.

first, while i talk a lot of my morally questionable sex choices on this blog, i haven’t yet touched on the more explicit side of my choices. 507 more words


IT WAS THE NIGHTINGALE AND NOT THE LARK-- in other words, yo ass ain't going anywhere

Well, me and Romeo are back in the fucking cycle, and I don’t mean literal fucking. 

Friday evening we talked a little bit and that was it. 550 more words