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My History Mistress

Women were seen going to the riverside, the men to the farms, the children were sweeping around and the elderly were seen playing with the toddlers. 1,875 more words


And I am... (A Sexfiend, A Blogger, A Writer, A Girl, A Human)

I realized an introduction was in order:

Hi, call me Cherry. I am a female of an age between 21 and 25. I live in a country that speaks English as one of its main languages. 445 more words


The Clinger

Alright. Alright. This is basically contradicting my last post about not sleeping with an ex, because I did it again. Anyways I slept with one of my exes the other day, and the sex was okay. 894 more words


Prologue: How it Began - Part 2 The Effect & My Sexual History

So,  I got dumped and began loathing the guy for breaking my trust. After a few weeks of getting over him a new horde of study abroad students showed up at the school I was studying at in my Asian country. 1,243 more words


Prologue: How it Began Part 1 - The Cause

I had never planned for what happened to happen.

In less vague terms:

I had never planned for the sexcapades that ensued to happen. And they  707 more words


Desperate For Sex & an Ex

We’ve all been there, where we go back to put home towns to visit and either recently single or just a whole lotta bad dates that kept you that way. 428 more words


Tattoo Man Returns

Life is constantly full of surprises. I know I am shocked quite often at how randomly things can change — or at least change your outlook on things. 351 more words