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"Breastfeeding" selfies forbidden while "Sideboob" selfies the most sexual

Selfies are becoming more and more like “daily bread” for most people, especially women. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, selfies are being taken to be published on social networks for others to see. 192 more words

Own Opinion

A sexiness like no other.

I can not wait to hold you. How your delicateness can leave me saw raw, so vulnerable and yet so liberated at the same time. To lose myself completely in you, captured by your beauty that I can not resist myself from staring at. 73 more words

Incessant Ramblings

Rih-Rant: Why You Mad?

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Rihanna said it best with “Do my tits bother you? They’re covered in Swarovski crystals girl” Her tits OBVIOUSLY bothered Twitter deeply in the cores of their angrily-typing soul. 433 more words

When I write a love letter...

it sounds like this. You have to be brave to love.

Hiya big daddy,

That was a good one. Thanks.

You know how I used to tell you I loved you and send you all these waves of loving? 295 more words

A Little Light Reading

Back to Buckhorn was exactly what I’ve come to expect from Lori Foster. I picked it up yesterday on my Kindle, because my pre-order was somehow ignored by Amazon. 85 more words


Sexy isn’t just a pose, it’s an attitude.

Being sexy is about carrying yourself with confidence, about feeling absolutely at ease in your own imperfectly perfectly body, about accepting that you you cannot have anyone else’s but yours and being proud of it. 96 more words

stilll, i rise. by maya angelou

 maya  angelou  died   today.  what an inspiration she was, and will  continue to be. She was 86 years   old.


You may write me down in history  245 more words