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Case Study on the effects of alcohol on visit NS/CX rate and patient satisfaction

Warning! Here’s my first step into research waters, so you dudes that get a boner from reading JOSPT might want to lower your expectations a bit. 289 more words

Physical Therapy

The girl in da skimpy dress!!!

We couldn’t stop gazing at the way Berry (not her real name) was pulling a just-below-the-bum black dress she wore to class. My friend summoned the courage to ask her why she forces herself into skimpy clothes all the time and keeps struggling to cover her thighs when she know it is not comfortable. 443 more words

My Daily Thoughts

Pollutions Fill the Earth

Pollutions fill the earth!

Pollutions assault our eyes and minds each day. Trash lies along roadsides. Smoke and smog assault our eyes and noses. Light crowds out any ability to discern the stars. 586 more words


Playing the THOT: A Reflection on a Moment of Dress-Up

Last weekend, over the Labor Day holiday, I was in Miami for my best friend’s bachelorette proceedings. There was plenty of indulgent eating, drinking, partying, and of course a bit of scantily clad dressing because that is de rigueur in Miami. 1,315 more words

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My Moonlighting "Career"

Maybe you didn’t know this, but I’m actually writing a novel. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but I am. I’m very private about it because, well, it’s too early and I’m too sensitive to hear any negative judgments. 471 more words


Head held high

And she walks on the street with confident strides; on the streets, dusty, grimy streets; the sidewalks are upturned, have been for weeks, eternal work on shit pipes for the burgeoning city. 307 more words