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"You know what to do with that big fat butt"

No. No I really don’t. 

Normally, I’m a fan of most of Jason Derulo’s songs: they’re catchy, his voice sounds great; all-around, they’re nice. But when I heard his new song “Wiggle”: 269 more words

Overcoming Sexism: Personal Narratives

The media has thoroughly inculcated into the public consciousness that Islam is sexist, seeks to repress as well as hinder educational opportunities for women, and confine women to the domestic sphere with no influence upon society. 1,179 more words


Bossy Women

Bossy, pushy, bolshie, stroppy, mouthy and strident. I keep reading stuff about these words. Apparently they are words used dismissively to describe women but are behaviours applauded in men. 226 more words

Bad Feminists

I think we might be on the cusp of the next wave of feminism here, people. There’s been a lot of talk recently, mostly centering on how many celebrities want to reject the label “feminist.” Many of them are quick to defend their views, suggesting that they may not label themselves feminist, or they may not believe in “feminism,” but that tends mostly to be because, as they say, they believe in equality. 687 more words

Proactive Anti-Sexism

Sexism is nothing new in the world. We’ve been trying to fight it in our culture for a few decades now, but still it persists. In fact, it seems like it thrives in places, and unfortunately a lot of those places are where I like to spend my time. 490 more words

Murder is Cheap, and Other Ruminations

I just finished reading Murder is Cheap, which was originally called The Scarlet Button. It was published in 1945. I bought the book because it has a dramatic cover and it says in smaller letters above the title “Only suckers pay blackmail!” 479 more words