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We are failing women. And it's killing them.

Last weekend I was reading a story online about a family from a small town in rural Australia. A family that included three children. Three children who, along with their mother, were murdered by their father. 588 more words

Rush Limbaugh: She Said No? She Means Yes!

ICYMI, this is what four-times married Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show yesterday about defining what constitutes consensual sex between college students:

It’s Monday and Rush Limbaugh is talking about what constitutes consensual sex between college students.

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Walking the Line: Females in Technology, is There REALLY a Problem?

Ah, this is a topic that I have pondered a lot in the past few weeks. I have a vested interest in the answer to this question considering I want to become a game programmer. 2,334 more words


Let Me Tell You Why I'm Right: The Fallacy of the 'Gaming Boys Club' Mentality

A couple of weeks ago, I ended an article about the gender disparity in gaming by citing a study that claims women now make up the biggest demographic of gamers in the world. 3,112 more words

The World At Large.

"Persecution for the expression of opinions seems to me perfectly logical"

Reblogged from Zeteo: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing.

“Persecution for the expression of opinions seems to me perfectly logical,” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., wrote in a famous Supreme Court dissent. 1,074 more words

The Real World

Misogynatheopocalypse, chapter 982734ty billion

Atheist horseman Sam Harris has denied being a sexist pig.

Having to defiantly declaim against a position you purport not to hold rarely ends well. 864 more words