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BK's YouTube picks: The Womanhood Hotline

This week in one of my university seminars we were discussing the topic of gender inequality and feminist movements. While searching for a youtube clip to share with some of my classmates I fell upon this fantastic video from the 2014 Brave New Voices slam poetry competition in Cape Town. 110 more words

BK's YouTube Picks

Racism or not, Michael Brown shouldn't be dead

I’ll try to be brief, but this needs to be said. I often read statistics of women getting lower average pay than men and of black people being incarcerated more often than whites. 531 more words



Y-chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve refer to the genetics discovery that basically says that all living human beings can trace back their DNA from father to son and from mother to daughter all the way back to these two individuals that might have lived about the same time a long time ago in Africa. 475 more words

Witch Hunt

I posted this a few months ago, but, in light of further developments recently, I feel that it is appropriate again.

the white and religious in this country have been hunting witches… 495 more words


Man Crisps: But I Am A Girl?

The slogan on the back of McCoys crisps has annoyed me for quite a while. ‘Man Crisps’ it reads in big bold lettering with the colour scheme depending on the flavour of crisps. 427 more words

Thoughts On Life


You’ve probably seen/heard me moaning constantly about the fact that we have no central heating. We tried to turn the radiators on (and the heated towel rail in the bathroom) when we came back from our honeymoon as the flat was pretty cold with us being gone for a week, and yeah, nothing at all happened. 528 more words


Sexism in Videogames and Digital Bums

For one reason and another I’ve been looking into videogame sexism lately and it will come as no surprise that I didn’t like what I found. 1,578 more words