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Sexism and racism in Game of Thrones

***SPOILER ALERT: This post is about the Game of Thrones HBO TV show up to Series 4 (Ep.3) so may contain spoilers up to that point. 2,664 more words

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Girls, Boys and Those Who Have Yet To Make Up Their Minds....

I woke up this morning and went to check on what I had missed on the internet overnight. A big job that must be completed every morning before I even get out of bed. 916 more words

Stupid Girls Redux

I saw this posted on Facebook. My reaction was, “Oh please…spare me!” Equality is only in danger to those who permit the concept to be attacked. 786 more words

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Take Back the Tech, Don't Take it Away

Here’s a video clip in which a Trini mom explains that after observing changes in her nine year-old son’s behaviour she became worried that something was wrong.   1,033 more words


Jailbreak the Patriarchy

Last month I wrote about the Stereotype Threat on STEMinist, and I specifically mentioned language and how we speak about scientists, engineers etc. Some good discussion came from this both on the website, but also among my friends on facebook. 177 more words



The following offers the second part of an experimental harangue directed at the resurgence of popularity of the beard in US culture as a sign of a reactionary assertion of male power meant to respond to or counteract increasing female power. 3,780 more words

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Guest Blog: Take it Like a Man

Oooh, exciting! This week we have a guest blog! The awesome Tiffany from Surgery at Tiffany’s (a blog which I can highly recommend) has kindly agreed to share her response to out post about… 2,014 more words

Women In Surgery

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My very first guest blogger article - thanks to the awesome Women in Surgery blog site.