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We Need More Women in High Tech, Dammit!

Jordan from “Real Genius”, who I adored
(Image courtesy of the Cult Film Club)

Note: This is longer than my usual blog-post.  It’s on a topic that is both complicated, and one I think is really important, but it may strike you as tl;dr.   2,801 more words



As a young woman I guess I was trying to find myself. Not just in the sense of who I was, but of others perceptions of me. 322 more words

The Witcher 3: What Can We Really Expect?

The release date for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been delayed a few times now, inicially for February and afterwards for May 2015. According to CD Projekt RED, this decision was taken mostly to… 2,013 more words


Holiday shopping for boys and girls

Part 2 of 2 in this year’s helpful tips to help survive the holiday season.

While you’re finishing up your shopping, here’s how to make sure you’re not getting the “wrong” gifts for all the kids in your life. 26 more words


Stop telling boys to go into STEM

Stereotyping is always a bad thing, and most people don’t realize that men suffer just as badly from stereotypes as women.

Let’s look at science: there has been a ton of work going into how to attract girls and women into scientific endeavors, particularly those that are very math-intensive.   528 more words


Just Because a Man Identifies as a Liberal Feminist, That Doesn't Mean He Can't Be Abusive

by Vanessa Blakeslee

I spent the first week of October with my father, side-by-side in the Florida condo where I’ve long resided. Pieces to a board game lay scattered throughout the house, the wooden board missing, likely destroyed. 130 more words

Sister Sirens

A good piece on 'The burying of Muslim women | Striving in the path'

Some of you won’t appreciate this piece; not to worry, once you understand why and how Islam came about, it makes sense. You don’t have to like Islam, you just have to think objectively. 42 more words