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Alarmed by Sex Discrimination in Animal Kingdom, Researchers Blame Humans

KINSHASA, D.R. Congo – “Outrageous!” That’s how one researcher described the rife sexism in nature documented in a study commissioned by the London Natural History Society. 921 more words


Ah yes, ALL women

As I scrolled my way through my twitter updates last Tuesday, I encountered a BusinessWeek article on finding out “why women never speak up about sexism in the workplace… 929 more words

Blogging For Class

Sucker Punch to the Groin

Last week I discussed something a little less controversial to start us off. This week, I’m gonna dive right in and go for something much more controversial. 2,938 more words


Whom Does the Grail Serve?

Rules never serve the interests of the poorest and most downtrodden and vulnerable. Be it “The Rules” of local, state and federal law, “The Rules” of qualifying for help from a charity or social service agency, or “The Rules” of qualifying for a good job, or “The Rules” outlined in a social justice/political activism movement, or “The Rules” of discourse in a Facebook group. 1,441 more words

Feminism in Video Games

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an addiction. I spend far too much on video games, humble bundles, and steam sales. I play far too many video games when I should be writing. 1,658 more words


Polygamists charged

Polygamy charges have finally been laid against Mormon fundamentalists from Bountiful. And if you read the article you’ll see that these misogynist will be making the  161 more words

Crazy Conservatives

Not So Subtle Harassment

Being a woman in science is way harder than being a dude. Even enlightened dudes, of whom I know many, many and I love them all, and they have work-life balance issues and are good dads while doing science, etc… Even they don’t have to worry about… 609 more words