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When Reality is More Depressing Than Barbie

By now I think the entire internet has heard about the book Barbie: I Can Be a Computer EngineerIf you have missed all the commotion, blogger… 640 more words


My Mother Told Me Not To Pick You, You Dirty Dish Rag You

Lancaster Baptist Church’s Pastor Paul Chappell laments that women do not aspire to “purity” before marriage and instead walk down the isle “like a filthy dish rag.” So I suspect that by purity Chappell means virginity, and by filthy dish rag he means not virginal. 528 more words

Women are STILL being banned from wearing certain clothes. Sigh.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, in this day and age, Western societies don’t police women’s bodies by way of shaming, insulting and outright banning  1,024 more words


I'm Not a Feminist

I recently (not very recently anymore) watched the above video ‘I’m a feminist’ by Jack Howard, partly because it was Jack Howard, and partly because I take particular interest in feminism and those who identify with it. 2,363 more words

As A Citizen

Cain Chooses a Wife. Or, Why We Are Surrounded by Assholes

Explanation of “cartoon”: DespiredGM by Jewish Scripture and children’s literature.

Since Adam and Eve were the 1st people, and since Cain at this time had no sisters, and since Cain “knew his wife” in the biblical sense, where… 201 more words