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A guy doesn't like his thin body

I found it a total surprise that thin teen guys get depressed in more numbers than obese teen guys.

But boys altogether experience the same disappointment with their bodies. 32 more words


FckH8 are Haters: Girls exploited as adults cheer

Curiosity got the best of me when I saw one too many shares of t-shirt sellers FckH8 video featuring little girls between the ages of 6-8 swearing like low rent thugs supposedly in an effort to bolster feminism. 857 more words

In The News


I’m not an internet icon. I don’t have a following, no fans, no one to either praise or condemn what I say outside of my immediate friend group. 1,034 more words


GamerGate - The Next Step

I was going to go into details about my experiences as a gamer who happens to be female. The sexism, misogyny, and the share of death threats and doxxing I’ve experienced over the years. 1,510 more words


Consent and Sex Work

Ok, this blog is a response to this article. *TW: this article contains graphic descriptions of sexual and domestic abuse, as well as sex worker shaming. 1,885 more words

The Saved versus Sinners; Problems in the "Michigan Daily"

I want to address a few issues that I’ve noticed recurring in my school’s student newspaper, The Michigan Daily. Please read Maja Tosic’s article in full before reading this, because this is a response to her opinion piece.  897 more words


When Hurt People Hurt

I had a run in today with someone on Twitter. They seemed to be very angry about ‘white privilege’ but being white myself I found that statement offensive as it made me feel like the problem. 244 more words