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Day 3: Sexism of the Accidental Sort

I have a second postdoc mentor, Prof X. Both of my mentors are wonderful people and excellent scientists, but they are pretty much the opposite in temperament and background. 660 more words

Thoughts on victim-blaming, it's never good but sometimes it's far worse than other times

I read this article recently and it made me feel uncomfortable. The author says he was wearing Google Glass in a neighborhood that’s being gentrified by Google and its employees and he was assaulted.   575 more words

Real Misogynists Hate Real Men Too.

Wolf-Whistles, catcalls, passing comments about their body; these are just some of the things women face every day, I mean you only  need to look at the twitter account… 737 more words


Everyday sexism

I’m really struggling with the whole poem a day thing today. No real inspiration. This poem comes from a news article about the young royals arriving in Australia. 27 more words


Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean

Welsh marble trunk. Ink’s irascible tumble wanker moose telegraph ant thug wobble star antelope undulate orc water toucan Muppet salt tortoise wench carbolic cardboard. Introvert web dick bumblebee archer oomph whist wind monkey, tingle whiff horseradish mangled constable. 1,462 more words


Rehab - Day Six


Well, it inevitably kicked off last night.  Walked out to have a cigarette to find D—-, S——– and some others having a heated discussion with B– (who from here on in will be known as ‘the asshole’).  593 more words


Aerie’s Stance on Retouching Photos: The First of Its Kind?

It was right after Christmas- the mall was packed with people searching for sales. I was walking past the stores I had seen a million times, until something caught my eye. 351 more words