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What Women Want

Happy days are here again… sexism is not in jeopardy!

Once upon a time when patriarchy ruled, the American housewife was perceived as the most envied gal in the world and a new vacuum cleaner was enough to send her over the moon. 389 more words

Vintage Ads

Women No - Powerment!

To all women out there,

If you thought Sexist Ads were only limited to the vintage-bygone era, then you’re in for a shock, ladies! From facing sexism on day-to-day basis, to being the face of sexism posters, even the present and future generations are not spared, leave aside the past. 98 more words


Pink razor tax, my ass

Sexist advertising can be as overt as a woman in a bikini or as subtle as targeting women but referring to them only as “girlfriends,” not independent people. 690 more words