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Former Premier League Manager Probed In ‘Sexist And Racist’ Text Messages Row

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The Premier League has been hit by another serious scandal. After Andy Gray and Richard Keys’ sexist comments and John Terry and Luis Suarez’s racism incidents, we now have a case with both the discriminations rolled into one. 124 more words

Woman or Object?

The sexual objectification of women is a major problem in modern media, especially fashion advertising. A glaring example of this issue is Gucci’s 2003 advertisement that shows a young woman’s body with a ‘G’ shaved into her pubic hair and a young man kneeling before her on his knees grasping her legs. 420 more words

From the Mouths of Bigots

«If a woman is walking alone in the street and she is raped, then she herself is at fault. She seduces the man with her presence. 122 more words


On Leigh Alexander's Dos and Don'ts

I just saw this, and it relates pretty closely to my last post, so I thought I’d talk about it. Probably best if you read it first. 1,899 more words

Do texts reveal Mackays Mood...

The alleged text and email exchanges between Malky Mackay and Ian Moody show a culture of racism, prejudice, homophobia and arrogance that I know to be the unfortunate true face of the state of top level professional football.
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50 shades of patriarchy?!?

50 shades of Grey. Uh. So the trailer came out and everyone is all WOOOOOW. Some people are annoyed, many are excited and some others are disappointed by the lack of fucking. 919 more words