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25 Missing Benefits of Gaming While Male

Oh dear, yet another facepalm worthy video propaganda released by Anita Sarkeesian and her army of brainless male puppets. 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male… 2,629 more words

Political Correctness

Hey Baby, Let’s Talk About Sexism

The following post is an article that I wrote with another Peace Corps Volunteer about our thoughts and experiences with sexism as Peace Corps Volunteers. It was recently appeared in the self-published magazine written by and for Peace Corps Volunteers in Paraguay. 990 more words

Peace Corps

Miss World beauty pageant scraps swimsuit competition after chairwoman Julia Morley says it 'doesn't do anything for women'

Daily Telegraph: The Miss World beauty pageant will no longer feature a swimsuit competition.

The iconic ‘bikini round’, where contestants from around the world pose in swimsuits, has been ditched by the organisers after 63 years. 143 more words


Isma, stop undoing progress

Isma, stop undoing progress
By Zan Azlee

I work very hard in trying to teach my four-year-old daughter that she can do and be anything she wants to and that being a girl or a boy makes no difference at all. 210 more words


WTF Was the Point of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World?

I recently misspent nearly two hours of my life watching this film. Shame on me really, as I should’ve thought harder about my evening’s entertainment. The reviews were never particularly great and a year or so later this film has vanished into the recesses of Netflix. 704 more words


18 Dec 14: My In-Laws Ordered Me To Do WHAT?!

Hey, everyone! Thanks for waiting patiently. I’m pretty sure I had some form of head cancer the last couple of days that the doctors called the “Flu”. 770 more words


'Women's Fiction'

OK, this ruined my trip to the mall..

Yes, women generally read romance and other books of the similar genre. Have you ever heard of chick lit, apparently it is a book genre, encompassing authors like Sophie Kinsella. 202 more words

The Feminist In You..