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Maroon 5 you sexist, misogynistic bastards!

While on a drive home, I was listening to the radio, 91.3 FM doing its daily Hot 30 Countdown segment. Everything was handy dandy and I was actually enjoying the mix of music they had (I rarely listen to radio). 500 more words

Red Pill

Why Indian venture capitalists must stop discriminating against women founders

I am a mother of a seven-year-old and a serial entrepreneur. I started my latest company Sheroes, an online portal that helps women of all age groups find jobs and career resources, last year.  509 more words

Lewis Schaffer on Dapper Laughs + how to make an offensive joke acceptable

I have blogged about the Dapper Laughs controversy before. It is too complicated to explain again, but you can pick up the gist on Wikipedia… 1,667 more words


Sexist games

I’ve written about it on few occasions, like the latest Separation of Fantasy from Reality, but it seems I’ll have to extend things a lot further… 2,063 more words


The myth about women's driving

This is actually funny because you can’t claim sexism on this issue cause for some reason, the entire world agrees on it (no offense girls). Well, according to rumors (not to be sexist) women are like… Terrible drivers (I mean cars… Cars drivers). 218 more words


Women Magicians as Victims

At this point I’m going to write in generalities and not name names.  The person who has my ire up is undoubtedly not the only one with these ideas, and may not be the only one blogging about them. 995 more words