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Calif. Congresswoman Jackie Speier Blasts Science Magazine For 'Lurid, Sexualized' Cover Of Transgender Women

(CBS SF) — Science Magazine is at the helm of a social and political firestorm this month following a cover image the publication used for the July 11 issue which depicts two transgender sex workers with their heads cropped out. 438 more words


Does being a bad person justify being fired from your job?

Interesting discussion I heard on a podcast tonight, pertaining to what employers can deem grounds for termination? If a person is a complete asshole, racist, sexist, biased, etc…yet takes no action, or hurts anyone on or off the job, should his/her opinions affect their employment status? 433 more words

1st Amendment


To choose to read something based on the gender or race of the person who wrote it is “ist”.

I knew a lady who is a lesbian who only read books written by women. 146 more words



Why is it—or maybe I should ask “how” is it—possible for someone to so venomously despise something they plainly don’t even grasp?

Actually, how someone comes to hate something they don’t understand is so primal, so human, that it really requires no more explanation than that. 6 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind

GTA V Sexist?

Recently while playing a round of golf in V with a friend of mine gamer tag Meerkat. He asked me a very interesting question.

“Alice, your the only girl that I play with, can I ask you a question?” 784 more words


'Completely clueless': Keith Olbermann bemoans sexism, ought to get a mirror [video]

If there’s one thing that really sticks in Keith Olbermann’s craw, it’s sexism:

VIDEO WORSTS: Boston radio troglodyte apologizes for one sexist insult, makes new one ten seconds later:

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The Myth of Male Feminism

It’s time for the few men who call themselves feminists to stop.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support the rights of women. It means the feminist label isn’t meant for us. 743 more words

Notes From A Polite New Yorker