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A Fairytale in Provence: Part I

This story begins on October 8th, 2011 when a 23 year old boy runs after a 23 year old girl as she is leaving a cocktail bar, hands her his business card, and invites her to learn to wine taste at his place. 1,045 more words

Gift Purchased

It may not be super original, but I went the classy route and skiddaddled my tush to The Conran Shop and picked up this….

A vaccuum sealer with special wine stoppers that keeps oxygen out so that left over wine will not oxydate at all…. 151 more words


I leave for FWB’s village in the south in two days and I am so excited I can HARDLY contain myself. I’m currently stressing over what gift to bring down as a houseguest. 156 more words

The Sexiest Language

….Is French!

At least according to a recent poll and this article.

Since I’m fluent and near accent-less, does that mean I count as a Frenchwoman!?

On verra…


The FWB Strikes AGAIN

I just got back to my place in Paris 20 minutes ago after a long weekend of work. I came home to this:


That, ladies and gents, curled in the arms of my good luck stuffed animal (thanks Bec), is a bottle of Vin Doux Naturel (VDN) from my FWB’s village. 100 more words

Oh, the Lawyer...

Yesterday I sent Monsieur Lawyer a sickeningly cute text message since I hadn’t heard from him since the weekend. It was freezing cold out and the skies were covered in the murky grey underbelly of Parisian mist, so I was solid as ice. 439 more words

Mr. Seven Year Saga

A few days ago, I was scrolling across my newsfeed on Facebook when I saw it: a high school friend of mine had posted a picture that pierced me to the core. 2,313 more words