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I Am Worth More Than Nude Snapchats

“Now don’t be afraid to be creative with your snapchats,” he says with a slightly leering grin. You laugh awkwardly, because it is supposed to be a joke, even if you both know he’s not really kidding. 466 more words

381MC Task#5: Echoes, Sexting as a Media Production


“…Young people are well aware of the differences and are developing norms and ethics of sexting based on consent. Viewing sexting as media production highlights the importance of consent by offering a new perspective that is less burdened with the contradictory legal assumptions that explicit teen sexting is inherently non-consensual and that victimised youth are as culpable as their abusers since they both participate in sexting… 564 more words


381MC Task#2: Sexting & Intimate Relations, Amy Hasinoff Sexting Specialist Interview


A specialist interview with Amy Hasinoff, author of “Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalisation, Privacy and Consent” (2015), has ignited a new dimension of understanding to my dissertation research of sexting, intimate relations and how social media affects men emotionally. 1,796 more words


Let's talk about D.

Ha, that’s hella misleading, sorry. I feel so incredibly official now that I’ve made a list on a post it with my fancy new sharpie pen. 1,145 more words

Dirty emoji make sexting simple (NSFW)

With packages of dirty emoji filed under group headings like Teen Dream and Fetish 101, the artistically perverted designers at Flirtmoji are ready to help the masses up their sexting game. 9 more words


Signs of the times

It’s been a long week. It has left me ping-ponging between anger at the challenges young people face that we had never heard of growing up, and astonishment at how some of them respond with strength, dignity, friendship and love. 77 more words


How to NOT lose your sexy!

Some lose their sexy, like S.

Others don’t, Like Y.  This just popped up out of the blue.  He loves his sexting, and this absolutely gets me wet and going…. 6 more words

Potential Affair/Dating Candidates