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Newmark and Totty

This case is getting more and more ridiculous. Now we learn that the Tory MP who’s just quit was groomed – and I use that term advisedly – over months. 314 more words


Here’s a secret I don’t tell anyone. I have clinical depression I was diagnosed when I was 17 (not too long ago). They told me it means that my brain has unbalanced chemicals. 265 more words

High School

Sexting and Normalisation Theory: The Risk of Leisure & Pleasure

Giddens (2011) identifies social changes impacting on young people creating increased uncertainty rendered as the ‘risk society’ (moral panics- Cohen).

Through post modern interpretation of young adults actions: individuals are provided with more opportunities for freedom in creating identities. 366 more words


Getting Freaky, Volume II

Whether you’ve just begun your journey into freakitude or you began it long ago, The Thrill is here to help you improve your safe, consensual sexy sex times by answering your most burning questions. 556 more words


My Shoulder Angel Won

You know in tv shows, cartoons normally, when someone has a hard decision to make and they have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other and they argue over what you should do – See image above from The Simpsons that I nicked off of google images. 472 more words

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