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Mother tracks down Facebook predator who lured son away from home

When parents nag their kids about not talking to strangers – not on the street, not on the playground, and definitely not online – this is the kind of guy they’re worried about. 770 more words


Thoughts that keep going through my head....

I just don’t know what to think.  Am I making up a problem where there isn’t one?

My sister has always claimed that my father molested her.   491 more words

Dinner With a Pedophile.

When I married Driftwood, I knew that his father was a pedophile.

Disclaimer: Please do not read if you are under age 18 or may be triggered by reading about child abuse. 791 more words


The Pretense of "Both Sides" When You're The One Being Abused

When I was 9 years old I broke down crying and confessed to my sister how much my older brother had been abusing me on a daily basis since she went away, she said to me “C’mon Caden, I’ve seen you punch Jake before, I know you can do it…” So her solution was to shame, tell me that it was my fault when all along I could just punch him and he would stop. 1,354 more words

Flower Essence Feature: Madonna Lily

Flower Name: Madonna Lily (lilium candidum)

Color: White

We dwell in a culture that favors the masculine or yang energies of doing, outward achievement, action, productivity, reason, and independence—and we spend most of our lives bathed in this energy before becoming pregnant. 1,029 more words

Newton Mother Accused of Letting Man Have Sex with Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

NEWTON, Iowa — A Newton Mother is charged with child endangerment after police say she allowed a friend to sleep with her 11-year-old daughter. The charges came to light after it was discovered the now 12-year-old victim is pregnant. 283 more words


Mother bear to her cubs! Check yourself!

Why are you so over protective of your kids? I get criticized a lot for the things I do with my kids. I don’t post their face on my FB. 296 more words