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Riddle Me This... :(

**********POSSIBLE TRIGGER ALERT*************

How do you tell your spouse to not take something personally, when they can’t help but take it personally?

This has started within the past few years. 274 more words


The Legend of the Bitter Alum: Hope's Story, Part Two

HA note: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Hope” is a pseudonym specifically chosen by the author. All other names herein have been changed as well. 2,131 more words


The Emotional and Behavioral Aftermath of Sexual Abuse, Assault and Rape

It’s pretty safe to say my next few entries are probably going to be plumbing the depths of uncomfortable content, so if that’s not your deal, best to come back next week for more bon mots about tit jobs and jokes about lube. 1,571 more words


A love like this

I never thought that I would find true love, but I have.

My boyfriend could have left a long time ago…when he found out about the sexual abuse… 83 more words

14-yr-old Delhi girl #sextrafficked by her mother

March 2014, Delhi

A 14-yr-old filed a complaint with the police against her mother who she said sex trafficked her to various men in the city. 35 more words


Lately I have found myself feeling a bit speechless. The words have not been coming to me and my writing has stopped. Over the last few years the words, feelings, and tears have spilled out onto the pages. 484 more words


Why didn't God stop them?

I was overwhelmed with the love of God. It came completely out of the blue, with no explanation, no rhyme nor reason, just the awareness and certainty of God’s love filling me on that summer evening back in 1981 as never before. 1,072 more words