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Curiosity or Perversion? The Lena Dunham Scandal

Lena Dunham, the creator behind the HBO mega-hit, “Girls,” has made a name for herself by writing and producing unapologetically honest material.

She has created a brand based on living as an open book, so it comes as no surprise that her recent book, a collection of autobiographical essays, would also hold nothing back. 1,012 more words


Oklahoma City man accused of sexually abusing children, arrested for dozens of charges

OKLAHOMA CITY – Investigators say an Oklahoma City man is facing dozens of charges after being accused of a horrific crime.

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, 30-year-old Daniel Ryan Chadwell was arrested on 38 counts of sexual abuse of a child. 46 more words


There Are No "Blurred Lines" When it Comes to Consent

Dear Readers,

I am writing to you about a darker topic than the usual featured on this blog. But, I feel it is necessary because I know a lot of young girls are dealing with this every week. 541 more words

tHE cHEST of DraWs (Jessica Drew) Wake up RuNNing

So someone on twitter posted a book called: WAKE UP RUNNING.. and I replied to him:

I did wake up running, my new mythos has been about the FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE theory for panic….., or when we Freeze with fear over something and then run… 67 more words

Sexual Abuse

The Chest of DraWs: Do Not Touch

… and Jesus said to Mary Magdalene.. “do not touch me for I have not yet ascended to thy father”

On behalf of Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Harrassment or Assault.

Body Dismorphia

How to be a Rape Victim

How to be a rape victim (in three easy steps)

1) Wear clothes

So they can say that you were asking for it when you dress for the weather or dress to kill or dress because you thought that looked good on you and matched your purse or because you fucking wanted to… 258 more words


Lonely roads

When my father started drinking, my only goal was to follow my dreams and get a good job.. I focused real hard on my subjects.. I was in love with biology..I studied in a girl’s college, unfortunately had only one friend who faked her emotions of being bff and then dragged me one day into seeing a boy . 359 more words

Sexual Abuse