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ISIS is recruiting and training child soldiers it proudly calls “Cubs of the Islamic State” [1].

The recruitment and use of children as soldiers is a war crime, though not without precedent. 373 more words

Sexual Abuse

#BeYourOwnHero ~ When the cry of Rape is Silenced.

Having read about all the women coming forward about the certain famous man who they say molested them or raped them years ago, I am disturbed by the way these women are treated. 2,812 more words


Ebb and flow

We decided as a family to take a trip over spring break. We headed to Florida. We drove this time, so we had plenty of time to take in our surroundings. 1,309 more words



Have you ever noticed, that you could be in a crowded room and still be alone? Or how uncomfortable we are with silence. I do! 405 more words

NJ teacher accused of sexually assaulting student

PATERSON, N.J. (AP) — A substitute teacher in a northern New Jersey school district is accused of sexually assaulting a student.

Passaic County Prosecutors say 21-year-old Linda Hardan, of Prospect Park, is also charged with child endangerment and criminal sexual contact. 90 more words



Today I’m reading in a national publication about three rape victims in my home state being bullied out of high school. A few weeks ago I was filing a police report, because a man in my building attempted to sexually assault me in the middle of the day. 805 more words