Check out my feature on Her Campus!

To spread awareness about sexual assault, I’ve teamed up with Her Campus to offer two articles depicting a side of fashion that doesn’t get enough attention. 12 more words


Do we really believe that "It's On Us" ?

It sometimes feels like everything there is to say about sexual assault on college campuses has already been said. The words “sexual assault” are thrown around so frequently these days that they’ve long since lost their edge. 790 more words


Let's talk about the elephant in the room

This is something we need to talk about, we need to educate people and we need to give support. We need to end the silence, it’s not a dirty word it’s a real problem. 415 more words


Cleaning Out Your Fridge (Advice for Survivors of Abuse)

“I thought I dealt with the abuse. I went 10, 20, 30 years without issue so why is it coming up now?” This is a common statement from survivors, especially those of us in the ‘older generations’ who were not as comfortable as the new generation in ‘therapy’ and blogging and posting our feelings and inner struggles for the world to empathize or judge. 1,029 more words


TWENTY: a birthday essay

I found myself more reflective this year than in the past. TWENTY FEELS WEIRD.

And let’s just get out of the way that the second time I was raped revolved entirely around my birthday last year. 1,947 more words

Sexual Assault Awareness