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MOST Club: Where it Falls Short

Though I feel like I have given MCSR a considerable amount of praise I still have my issues with the program. Though one of the goals of MSCR is to open up enough chapters so that young men can go through middle school MOST, high school MOST and college MOST, MCSR could do a better job of creating and maintaining its college chapters. 419 more words

Gender Based Violence

U.Va. focuses on alcohol in sexual assault discussion

A University of Virginia board on Tuesday honed in on alcohol as a contributing factor in sexual assaults on campus, with one member calling for more aggressively enforcing the law banning underage drinking. 553 more words


Approaches to Gender-Based Violence: Part 2

Last time around, we end the post still discussing approaches to primary prevention of sexual assault. Today I hope to finish this discussion and continue on to look at several specific bystandered intervention programs and programs targeted specifically at men. 680 more words

Gender Based Violence

Approaches to Gender-Based Violence

In the end of my last full post I mention that there was something we could do collectively as men to reduce the rates of crimes related to gender based violence. 690 more words

Gender Based Violence

Statistically Speaking

In my last post, as part of laying a base for future posts I gave you definition for gender based violence and also listed some acts that people commonly refer to, or understand as gender-based violence. 564 more words

Sexual Assault Prevention

Gender-Based Violence

In my previous post I spoke about my intentions for this series of blog posts. In keeping with that order, today I would like to about how we define gender-based violence, some of the acts which this umbrella term encompasses and some of the problems with these definitions. 562 more words

Gender Based Violence

More Than a Few Good Men

In the fight against gender-based violence both inside and outside of college campuses, we always see the trope of “the few good men”. By this I mean the small segment of the male population who proclaim themselves to be feminist or allies to the feminist movement in some way and publicly protest, speak on or raise awareness for issues related to gender based violence. 509 more words

Gender Based Violence