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Exploring (talk to me softly...)

Therapist: The way you’re reacting every time we talk about this subject…doesn’t makes you wonder? You almost burst into tears…

Me: Because it’s absurd! What you’re saying it just doesn’t make sense! 1,125 more words


Ex-Boyfriends // Staying Friends with Your Ex

Through recent conversations with the girls, (you know who you are), we determined that there is a strategy to remaining friends with your ex-ex-boyfriends. If you’re like me, and you have more than one ex, then this theory may just work for you. 377 more words


A Great Primer on Human Sexuality

In less than four minutes this guy, Hank, explains enough about the multiple polarities that come together to form what we call human sexuality for you to get a basic grasp of it. 76 more words

Same-sex Attraction

Shirtless and Forest-Wild

It has been gone three years now; a part of me that strongly passed societal inspection for appropriate sexual attraction and allure. Cold and strangely beautiful in its lifelessness; flopped without tenderness onto the shiny steel of a lab table, the scalpel ravaged and dissected it, foraging for further reasons and recommendations toward cure. 59 more words


Who knew my friend's ex-husband was so hot????

Well, I’ve accomplished SFA since my last post that would be considered remotely productive or conducive to actually finding a job. And ridiculously enough, I can’t even really get myself all worked up and stressed out over the fact I’m being a lazy ass on that front. 878 more words


What does the Bible say about Lust?

Biblically speaking, lust is NOT merely being sexually attracted to or turned on by looking at someone of the opposite sex. Men today have been ridiculed for their nature and saddled with a great burden that comes from feminism on one side, and on the other comes from the church. 97 more words

His Needs