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13 Weird Psychological Reasons Someone Might Fall In Love With You

There’s no shortage of advice on where to meet the right person, how to make people like you, and how to build a successful relationship.

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Men prefer nice women to bitches, hold the presses


Femininity and Attractiveness

Take a moment to bask in that title.

Researchers from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, the University of Rochester, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, collaborated on three studies to observe people’s perceptions of responsiveness.

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Orienting on Homosexual Orientation

SOURCE:  Nick Roen /Desiring God

I remember a particular conversation I had one evening with a good friend about my struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA). He asked me, “Attractions are messy, complicated realities. 1,237 more words


Another one bites the dust...

I’m having a nice whisky on the rocks on this beautiful summer evening and thanking my lucky stars I have managed to extricate myself from yet another shitty relationship, but this time without the drama, hard feelings and bitter one liners.  352 more words

Men And How They Suck

Why aren't men attracted to 'educated' women? It must be sexism!


The number of college-educated women now outweighs the number of college-educated men, which in turn has diminished options in the dating pool. Men aren’t ready to accept being second in the bread-winning competition and this is causing women to either settle or stay single.

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Bi- The Way

I have explored the idea of sexuality in my blog before, but I believe it is time for an update on my belief. My current perspective is that the biological sex or chosen gender of a human being does not really have to matter when it comes to intimacy or attraction. 1,378 more words


Californian Diva - Cameron Diaz and Rumours About Her Relationship With Drew Barrymore

Provocative and sophisticated, Cameron Diaz is the star with one of the most enviable body shape ever, and Harper’s Bazaar US chose her for the magazine’s cover of… 292 more words