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The Problems With Sex Education Today

I lost my virginity when I was sixteen years old. The sex was terrible, quick, and my co-virgin and I had no idea what the hell we were doing. 474 more words


My Southern Sexual Education: What I Was Taught And What I Had To Learn For Myself

A subject repeatedly revisited throughout my stretch of public education was the importance of sexual abstinence. Not only was it portrayed as the only practical method of avoiding unplanned pregnancy, it was a crucial element of a wholesome lifestyle. 987 more words

April 5 was the Civilian First Responder training in Minneapolis. Becky McDonald, founder of Women At Risk (WAR) International, was our key note speaker, giving us three sessions about trafficking. 723 more words

Abuse & Trafficking

Violating the Rights of the Child Through Inadequate Sexual Health Education

Gloss: This article discusses the use of abstinence only education and its correlation to teens’ lack of knowledge on safe sex, pregnancy, STDs, and an increase in homophobia. 93 more words

Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Questions and Answers

Gloss: This article discusses 16 common questions asked by Canadian parents, teens, and public school faculty on sexual education. One of these questions discusses the need for abstinence plus education. 121 more words

Youth Have Healthier Sexual Outcomes if Their Sex Education Classes Discuss Contraception

Gloss: In this study, teens who attended sex education programs that teach abstinence and contraception had better sexual outcomes than teens that don’t. It was also discussed that women who were taught abstinence plus were more likely to use a condom during their first sexual encounter than women who went through an abstinence only program. 108 more words