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Fleetwood Conversations

by Randall S. Frederick

When I told my parents that I wanted to “eventually, maybe, do research on sexual behavior and ethics,” they weren’t exactly enthusiastic. 2,405 more words


How boys become men in a world of online porn, social media and sexts

This story took a lot of work in terms of thinking through the issues and talking to my male friends, most of whom are fathers themselves, as well as mothers, experts and online resources. 194 more words

The Age

Parental Communication about Sexuality Education

Recently I came across this great article from the New York Times, and was glad to see the topic of parental communication about sexuality being discussed.   2,629 more words


Birth control is a lie and y'all have kidney failure

I’ve had the honor of living most of my life in what people calmly refer to as a “red state.”

While this name is rich in terms of the menstrual and/or communist and/or redneck jokes one can make about it, the name of the majority of these states should really be, “Fuck science, … 1,046 more words

Sexual education act to help prevent homophobia passes

In the Youth Parliament Legislative Assembly, both sides quoted facts and told anecdotes, as the Hopper’s Crossing team successfully passed its Comprehensive Sexual Education Act (CSEA). 299 more words

Youth Parliament

Are you talking to your kids about sex?

You should be. In today’s podcast, I will share an experience my son and I had while out of town earlier this week. In reminded me of the importance in talking to our children about sex and preparing them for this world.

The Holy Spirit

In Hanoi, Vietnam

I’m in Hanoi, Vietnam with a team of educators from Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest. A fascinating city where ancient temples and roads clash with modern stores and chaos, and traffic lights and road lanes have no meaning at all. 22 more words