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Pre-Marital Sex: To be or not to be?

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Pre-marital sex is a word which can’t be uttered in many countries for fear of the so called moral brigade. It’s a term which has always been associated with religion, culture, regions, caste, creed and the likes. 636 more words

My Thots And Scribbles


I hand you the rope, a mischievous gleam in my eyes.

You know what to do, we’ve played this game before.

I feel my desire growing as the fabric binds my wrists, the sense of urgency takes over. 317 more words


7&8. 'Don't you have to love them first?'

Its been a while since I wrote here. I like to wait until I feel the urge to just let it out, when I don’t think I can speak like this elsewhere. 806 more words


How to talk about sex with your partner.

Okay – let’s get one thing straight here.
We all love sex. We want to feel desired. We like to feel sexy.

So, why is this such a taboo subject? 579 more words


All About My Sex Life

If you aren’t into graphic sexual things then you probably shouldn’t be reading this…or on my blog. Cause I’m a VERY sexual person.

To start off this blog I’m going to tell you that I have had sex with 24 people since I was 17. 985 more words


That time we were watched

I hadn’t planned on a voyeur session. I, perhaps, vaguely remember having discussed it with D, my housemate of the time, but if we’d agreed on anything then it was in a haze of green many evenings previously. 624 more words


Sexual partners

In response to these interesting questions that were posed to me the other day about sexual partners… :))

“What characteristics of a man’s body would you say most women find most appealing? 1,082 more words