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5 Reasons Your Number Actually Matters (Mainly If You're A Woman)

1. Sex is natural…and?

“Human nature” is possibly the most commonly used excuse for demonstrating a lack of restraint in modern history, followed closely by “I was just doing my job.” 1,296 more words

3. Stolen

3. Stolen
That summer, I was on a roll. My last summer as a schoolgirl, working full-time in two frantic jobs. WIth the same staff. Things get a bit…intimate. 815 more words


Jenny: Virtuous No More by Nora Blackstock

Jenny was a good, devoted wife. When her marriage to husband Mark grew distant, she took matters into her own hands to find out if he still loved her. 394 more words


Taken for granted

It is an entirely frightening thing to know someone too well. You can no longer pin on them your shiny hopes and dreams, your expectations and believes on them . 394 more words


The End China Doll


The sky was painted red. It was your blood engulfing the clouds.

Did you think a little blood would stop me Doll? I am not scared of your period like those men are. 1,062 more words


The eel

Trained politicians
Sexual predators

He slammed her head into the wall of the tiny stall while he fucked her from behind. She didn’t need an orgasm to get off today. 880 more words


Study: 43 Percent Of Teen Boys, Young Men Coerced Into Sex

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A new study has found that 43 percent of teenage boys and young college men are coerced into unwanted sex or sexual behavior. 376 more words